Immobile’s Lawyer: ‘There Are Degrees of Culpability’

Erdis Doraci, the lawyer of Lazio captain Ciro Immobile, provided an update on things following his client’s involvement in a car crash with a tram.

The 33-year-old Italian striker was taken to hospital on Sunday after his car collided with the number 19 tram in the streets of Rome, an incident that left him with a slight spine injury and a fractured rib.

Immobile and his family have now returned home following their brief stays in the hospital and the player is starting to work on his recovery, keen to get back out on the pitch as soon as possible.

Speaking to Radiosei (via LazioNews24), Doraci discussed the car crash involving Immobile and the culpability of his client.

These are matters that no one would like to experience. The most important thing is the happy ending. Thank God there were no seriously injured people. We are trying to understand whose distraction was decisive in the accident.

There are degrees of culpability. Simple distraction and then more serious culpability, such as someone who drives after consuming alcohol or drugs. In this case, culpability almost borders on wilful intent. None of these situations occurred, neither for Ciro nor for the driver.

We are talking about a distraction, accidents that happen frequently in this city. It is right that it has had resonance given Immobile’s fame, but we must never exceed that value, that moral equilibrium to assess things with objectivity.

For now, no responsibility has been contested. When one speaks of ‘important faults’, these emerge immediately. Some testimonies have been heard that speak of traffic lights not working in the last few days.

Both the driver and Ciro testified that they were passing on a green light. I am convinced of the correctness of my client, we have full confidence in the authorities who are carrying out investigations and findings.

There are no ongoing investigations, only findings. It is a civil insurance matter. It’s obvious that a negative comment, or a negative article, is news.

The injuries suffered by Immobile mean he’ll likely miss a few games for Lazio, but the 33-year-old is hoping to be fit enough to take part in the upcoming clash with Inter on April 30.

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