Radu Talks Future Plans Following Lazio Departure

Lazio legend Stefan Radu opened up about his initial plans for the future after hanging up his boots and retiring.

The 36-year-old Romanian veteran is finally ready to finish his playing career and was given a heartfelt send-off by the Biancocelesti and the fans at the Stadio Olimpico following the win over Cremonese.

Radu joined Lazio in July 2008 and went on to become the club’s all-time record appearance holder, playing 427 games across all competitions for the team. He helped the Biancocelesti win three Coppa Italia and three Supercoppa Italiana.

Speaking to Pro Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Radu first discussed what’s next for him after retiring from football.

Now I am going on holiday, then I will start to reflect, think about what I want to do. I was also very focused on football, determined never to think about what will be, because automatically these things distract you, I said when I’m done, and then we’ll see. 

The 36-year-old Romanian veteran assured that he’d keep up his physical fitness despite hanging up his boots.

I will definitely train now! I don’t know, in recent years I’ve had this thing with training. I don’t mean exclusively the gym, running too, that was important, I had to stay connected and not necessarily physically, although that was also very important. 

Know that you have to take football seriously. There are things that wink at you, you’re young, there are temptations.

But know that you have time later, maybe that’s advice for younger people, at the beginning of the journey. Also, family life with children is very nice.

Finally, Radu was asked if he would continue living in Italy or return to his native Romania.

Yes, we’ll stay here, but as you know we also come to Romania. I was there all the time. I never got rid of Romania, our channels at home, on TV, are Romanian, the children speak perfect Romanian. We are Romanians… 

Romanians living in Italy. Mum is at home and sometimes the desire to come back is great. You know how it is, mum is mum. So far I have managed to stay in the country quite a bit, in the future I will do it more often.

Recent media reports suggest that Radu will soon move into a coaching role at Lazio, working within the club’s youth system.

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