1915 Scudetto Petition Sent to All Italian Institutions

On 24 May 1915, the Kingdom of Italy entered the “First World War” and, as is known, the “1914/15 First Category Football Championship” (the top national division of the time) was interrupted due to the “General Mobilization” called by the Italian Government.

The recovery of all the “Official Sources” of that period has revealed that the “Italian Football Federation” has never adopted, today as then, any resolution to formally and definitively award the “1915 Scudetto”, despite the prevailing national football historiography having repeatedly claimed the opposite.

The evidential results of the “Federal Bulletin” 1914/15 (containing the “Season Rules”), of “La Stampa” and “La Stampa Sportiva” (FIGC reference publications until 1919/20), of  “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and ” L’Italia Sportiva” (FIGC official bodies since 1920/21) and “Il Littoriale” (FIGC official body since 1927/28), as well as the “Official Yearbooks” of Italian Football from 1926/27, 1928/29, and subsequent two-year periods (Official Publications of the FIGC), as well as “Il Libro d’Oro” of the “Northern League Presidency” published in 1925, in fact, have clearly and irrefutably demonstrated by tabloids that:

  1. Genoa was officially made exclusively “Champion of Northern Italy 1914/15” (at the time also equivocally defined as “Italian Champion”, to be confused however with the title of “Champion of Italy” provided for by art. 15 of the Official Regulations);
  2. Lazio was ipso jure “Champion of Central-Southern Italy 1914/15” (having won the title of “Champion of Central Italy” on the field and having subsequently been downgraded to the “Southern Championship” of the same football season);
  3. Internazionale Napoli was declared ex-post “Champion of the Campania Region 1914/15”  (having won the only approved match of the Neapolitan tournament against Naples and no other club registered for the peninsular championship of that football season).

Considering absolutely unacceptable the repeated violation of the “Principle of Legality” and the related “Principle of Sports Loyalty”, unfortunately, trampled so far, the Petition “Lazio 1914/15: Champion of Italy ex aequo!” document has been sent to all “Italian Institutions”, sporting and non-sporting, so that the ultra-centenary vulnerability concealed by the probative findings acquired in this regard and the title of “1914/15 Champions of Italy”, also through “Register of the Hall of Fame”, is finally attributed to Lazio and Genoa, in full compliance with the provisions of the “Olympic Charter” on the subject of “Equal Merit” and the provisions of Articles 2, 3, and 97 of the “Italian Constitution” on the subject of “Equality before the Law”, of “Inviolability of Personal and Social Rights” and of “Good Performance and Impartiality of the Public Administration”.

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