Codacons Advises FIGC to Award 1914/15 Scudetto to Lazio

Gian Luca Migogna and various other Lawyers have been, for some time, fighting for Lazio to be awarded the 1914/15 Scudetto, which is currently solely awarded to Genoa.

Codacons (Italian Consumer Association) has now filed a request for access to the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) in support of Lazio fans, advising- in an official letter – for the title to be shared amongst the two teams.

“In 2015, numerous associations revolving around the Lazio world, With the support of numerous Biancocelesti supporters, presented a request to the italian football Federation (FIGC) for the recognition of a shared Scudetto between Genoa and S.S. Lazio.”

“The request was positively evaluated by the FIGC, which in 2019 promised the appointment of a historical commission. however, to this day, there is still no final decision on the matter.”

“For this reason, Codacons requests clarification on the issue in order to uphold justice and fairness even in football and protect the rights of all football fans including supporters of Lazio.”

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