Should Lazio Offer a New Contract to Immobile?

Recent media reports suggest that Ciro Immobile is hoping for a raise in a new Lazio contract, but would that be the right move for the club? Either way, the striker is bound to score goals, and you can visit football betting sites to check out the odds on how many he will net this upcoming season!

Suggesting anything other than a new deal seems almost feels sacrilegious, considering the importance of the 33-year-old Italian striker to both Maurizio Sarri and the fans. More than just the club captain, Immobile has grown into the talismanic figure of this modern Lazio side, playing leading roles for both Simone Inzaghi and Sarri in the Italian capital.

Since his arrival in 2016, he has netted an incredible 196 goals in 297 games, dragging the team forward week in and week out. In this lens, then, offering the 33-year-old a raise seems like an obvious choice. In the world of modern football, however, things are rarely that simple.

Looking at what happened last season, it’s no surprise that Claudio Lotito is hesitant about the idea of increasing the captain’s salary. Immobile was not up to his usual standards last season, partly through no fault of his own amidst various injuries. He scored 14 goals in 38 total appearances, and six of his 12 league goals came before mid-October.

The Italian striker will turn 34 next season and has three years left on his current contract, which is set to expire when he’s 36. He earns around €4 million net per season, one of the highest earners in the squad. Immobile is now reportedly asking to be paid closer to €6 million net per season, a similar amount to what Lotito offered Sergej Milinkovic-Savic in a failed attempt to convince him not to accept Al-Hilal’s proposal.

Offering him these terms does have some upsides. The 33-year-old is a clear leader in the dressing room and a reference point on the pitch for his teammates, invaluable qualities that aren’t likely to be fully replaced any time soon. The recent departure of Milinkovic-Savic makes these qualities even more key.

Furthermore, tying him down to a new deal would all but guarantee him ending his career in the Italian capital, closing the door to a possible move to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the near future. The Lazio captain is still a relatively reliable source of goals too, and last season could’ve simply been an anomaly. He could still compete for the Capocannoniere title in the coming years.

On the other hand, it’s fair to say that Immobile is no longer in his prime and offering him such a deal could prove to be a mistake in the coming years. Lazio are not a club that spend heavily and tying the 33-year-old down to a new €6m-per-year contract would restrict the club’s ability to bring in other players.

The recent acquisition of Valentin Castellanos also suggests that the Biancocelesti are looking to the future, and should the 24-year-old impress next season then he could easily grow into becoming the new main striker for Sarri.

Lazio and Immobile are now at a crossroads and an important decision will be needed soon to decide which path will be taken.

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