Why Sarri Has Doubts About Tottenham Veteran Lloris

Lazio have started to consider a move for Hugo Lloris but Maurizio Sarri has doubts about the Tottenham goalkeeper.

The 36-year-old Frenchman is expected to terminate his contract with Spurs and leave on a free transfer this summer, ending an 11-year spell in North London.

Yesterday, reports emerged from France detailing Lazio’s interest in Lloris, who himself was keen on the idea of heading to Rome.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Sarri is a fan of Lloris but is concerned that he isn’t the kind of player to play a backup role, instead believing that the Tottenham goalkeeper should be a starter.

His concern stems from the fact that Ivan Provedel shined between the posts for the Biancocelesti last season, earning the number one spot in the Italian capital.

Another concern is Lloris’ salary; the Frenchman earns €3.3m net per season, which would make him one of the best paid in the Lazio squad should he be offered the same terms.

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  1. I do like Lloris but Provedel can’t be slapped like that. Without him, I’m almost sure top4 would not have been reached. He did all that whilst meant to be back up. Seized the moment and recently declared he feels a big buzz at the thought of the upcoming Champions League for him to now become put in the backround? Absolutely no! And then he is also 36 …not Italian (could he command our back line straight away?) and he was never famous for his footwork. Pass for me

  2. I just think the age of Lloris and his salary is why we shouldn’t get him, he is a class keeper but i don’t know how many years we could get out of him and for 36 years old we just can’t give a player like him 3.3 million

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