Zaccagni Talks Growth at Lazio, Sarri Work & Champions League

Mattia Zaccagni opened up about his development at Lazio under Maurizio Sarri, his goal against rivals Roma and his Champions League dream.

The 28-year-old Italian winger has grown into one of the most important players in the Biancocelesti squad and his work last season was decisive in helping the team secure a second-place finish.

Since his arrival in August 2021, Zaccagni has scored 15 goals and provided 17 assists in 81 total appearances, regularly adding a key threat in Sarri’s frontline.

Speaking to Lazio’s media department (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Zaccagni first discussed his goal in the Derby della Capitale.

That goal is very much in my mind. Every now and then it comes up on social media, the fans when they meet me still thank me for that goal. They are emotions that I carry inside me and relive every day.

The perfect match? A year ago, I said Verona Cittadella, now it has to change. This year there have been many, but the derby is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

He commented on his work and relationship with Sarri.

The coach works a lot on the tactical aspect and finishing. Always finishing the move is something you work on a lot during the week and since I’ve been here. I’m happy to be here and to have improved with him.

How much have I changed since my arrival? I’m a player with more personality, more confidence in my means. It’s normal, it’s part of growing, it’s part of the quality leap as a team. A normal path that everyone should take.

The 28-year-old touched on his role in Rome.

At Verona I played up front on the left. I knew that role well. The coach is more schematic than Juric, who I had at Verona. They’re two completely different types of football. I adapted well and I’m happy.

Zaccagni spoke about his ability to draw fouls.

Getting fouled sometimes can hurt, but it’s a way to break up the game and let the team breathe. The foul is valuable. I’m quite quick in the first steps, the defender arrives fast and often fouls me.

He discussed how it felt to qualify for the Champions League.

The Champions League has always been a goal and a project of mine, I’m proud to have achieved it with Lazio. There are many hot stadiums where I’d like to play, obviously I’d love to play in Madrid.

The best in my position? In Italy there are two like Leao and Kvara. At European level I really like Neymar, but there are many. To say three is perhaps not enough, there would be others.

The 28-year-old commented on his relationship with Ciro Immobile.

With Ciro everything was very easy and simple. When I arrived, he took me under his wing. A natural friendship was created off the pitch, also because Jessica and Chiara already knew each other.

He spoke about his various tattoos.

I have many tattoos that have meanings. I have this one with Chiara on my hand. Then I tattooed an angel on my thigh because a year ago someone who was like a mother to me, my best friend’s mother, passed away. An important pain.

Finally, Zaccagni reflected on his career and the dreams he has realised.

To the child Mattia I would say to continue following his dreams and to always believe in what he does.

The celebration? Actually, in Verona I hadn’t really been an archer, but it came to me like that after that goal.

Then it was put in the club’s presentation video when I arrived here at Lazio and everyone in the comments was calling me the archer, the archer has arrived, hurray for the archer. So, I said let’s do it. Let’s say the fans decided my celebration.

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