Lotito: ‘Lazio Are More Competitive With Quality in All Roles’

Lazio president Claudio Lotito patted himself on the back after this summer’s transfer market and underlined the team’s ambitions for the new season.

The Biancocelesti secured a spot in the Champions League with their second-place finish last season and carried out an interesting summer window, selling star midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic before investing in a few much-needed reinforcements.

Lazio have looked inconsistent in the early stages of the 2023-24 season, suffering losses to Lecce and Genoa but securing a 2-1 win away to defending champions Napoli.

Speaking to Radio TV Serie con Reds (via LazioNews24), Lotito first discussed the sale of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.

Milinkovic-Savic’s choice to leave was personal, we didn’t sell him.I did everything to keep him by offering very important salaries,we had made a pact, he told me that he wanted to have new experiences.

In the end we never received concrete offers except, a few years ago, from an Italian team for amounts over €100 million.

I declined because that year we had closed the incoming market before the other countries, and it was a mistake because we were without the possibility of replacing him.

Furthermore, I had made a commitment to Inzaghi so I refused.

He touched on the team’s increased reputation in the transfer market.

Lazio had never made an incoming transfer market with some relevant clubs, today they did so by buying players from more famous teams.

For example, we had never bought players from Juventus, this year Rovella arrived, and we showed we could do something.

The president commented on the quality of the Lazio squad this season.

This year Lazio are a more competitive team, with quality players in all roles, even on the bench.

I think I have set up a competitive team that can compete with everyone, but it’s about having the certainty of your means, this can make the difference.

Last year we came second because the team believed in their values and not because some teams had a failure.

If they believe in their potential, they will be able to do well and give satisfaction to the fans.

Lotito spoke about how much the club have spent in the transfer market.

We must keep with our feet on the ground. We have to believe it, we played the first two games without getting results, this must be a warning to understand that each game is a story in itself, always remaining focused.

We spent €101 million, investing in quality but promising players and creating a path of further growth under the direction of our coach, who is a football teacher.

The quality of the game is certainly not lacking, now it’s about bringing home the results.

He touched on the team’s quest for a new stadium.

I’m well aware of the problems involved in building a stadium which can affect its implementation.

I’m working on a series of ideas, not least the Flaminio, and then we’ll see what the solution to the problem will be.

We must build a stadium that is efficient, that is suited to needs and that can represent added value.

If you renovate a stadium with an evocative value like the Flaminio you have to start as you will never be able to implement some revenue activities.

It’s complicated to build a stadium from scratch in Rome, I proposed it on owned land but was prevented from doing so; it was a mistake for the city. Now we are working on some hypotheses.

The Flaminio may have historical value and solve the problem on paper, but certainly not make revenues more efficient.

Finally, Lotito discussed Lazio’s split focus between Serie A and the Champions League.

Last year Lazio made an assessment. We believe that the Conference League is a competition that is not of Lazio’s interest, the Champions League is different, a competition that provides extraordinary resources and great visibility.

Atletico Madrid? We must verify the physical and psychological condition of all those players who are in the national team, hoping that they arrive in condition and that they are not impaired in terms of performanc by the efforts made.

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