Immobile: ‘Lazio Need to Start Recovering Dropped Points’

Ciro Immobile reflected on Lazio’s slow start to the new season, their tight draw with Atletico Madrid and mindset heading into the clash with Monza.

The Biancocelesti have been all over the place in the early stages of the campaign, losing to Lecce, Genoa and Juventus, drawing Atletico in their Champions League opener and beating Scudetto holders Napoli away from home.

Despite the shaky start, hopes are high that Sarri’s Lazio will soon start showing their best and put up a good fight in both the top four race in Serie A and the Champions League, where they hope to reach the knockout stages.

Speaking to Lazio Style Channel (via LazioNews24), Immobile first spoke about Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel and his goal against Atletico.

I’m very happy because Ivan is a good guy, he works hard, he’s always quiet and everything goes well for him.

Guys like him are guys who inside the locker room have an important specific weight of character and professionalism. This was a reward for the team for the match we had played.

He touched on the team’s mindset heading into the Monza match.

For us it’s a final, there’s no other words. At the start of the season the results didn’t satisfy us, we showed some flashes of good play even against Juve.

The only game we disappeared in completely was the one in Lecce, from Monza we have to start making up for dropped points.

The Lazio captain commented on the spirit and atmosphere in the dressing room.

The team must understand that beyond the points lost, we must regain the spirit we saw with Atletico, we must go back to being like last year, and by going back to that the results will also come, starting tomorrow.

Now we face a period with many games, and we need the help of the whole team. I’m sure that if we had lost the match against Athletic the fans would have applauded us anyway for what we did.

Immobile was honest about his own state of mind.

I stay calm because I listen to what the coach says, we have a relationship where we tell each other everything.

When he sees that I’m doing everything I can, even if it’s not a good moment, he has a lot of confidence in what I can give to the team, that’s why the lack of a goal weighs on me even more.

I have to stay calm because the team needs Ciro to go back to being what he has always been. It’s important that help arrives, whatever it is, it’s fundamental that I make my presence felt on the pitch.

I’m at least satisfied with that, a little less so for the numbers but I’m convinced that when we get back to being what we’ve always been they will come for me too.

Finally, Immobile discussed his 197 goals with Lazio and the desire to hit 200.

It’s not bad but I want to continue, I’ve heard too many things that I think aren’t true about the fact that I’m still putting up certain numbers.

There are moments in a footballer’s life that have to be faced, this is a time when getting the ball in will take a bit longer.

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