Sarri: ‘Difficult to Explain Lazio Regression’

Maurizio Sarri highlighted how ‘the problem is twofold’ for Lazio after they dropped points in a draw with Monza.

The Biancocelesti took an early 1-0 lead after Mattia Zaccagni was fouled in the box, allowing Ciro Immobile to comfortably dispatch a penalty after less than a quarter of an hour.

Lazio’s lead didn’t last long, however, and Roberto Gagliardini netted the equaliser for Monza in the 36th minute after a drop in focus from the Biancocelesti backline. Sarri’s side failed to look threatening after this, allowing Raffaele Palladino’s side to escape north with a point.

Speaking in a press conference (via TMW) after the match, Sarri was first asked if Lazio’s main problem was their attack.

The problem is twofold, we have also lost the defensive solidity we had. We are less orderly. We are certainly creating little in relation to the amount of play we do. The feeling is that we have stopped attacking the goal, the spaces.

We are talking about it to resolve the situation. And then there is the mental aspect, between 1-0 and 1-1 we conceded the keys to the game to the opponents. We thought we had already won. Then we started to play again, but we have to do better.

He was also asked why the team seem to have regressed this season.

It’s difficult to give an explanation. At the level of application, the guys are also there, otherwise you can’t play well in the first 70 metres.

It’s something else that is holding us back. The pressing today? You can’t press if you’re passive. Today we were also too deep.

Sarri was unhappy with the suggestion that Lazio were not moving forward together in the same direction.

Can I be honest? It seems like a bullsh*t question to me. Because if it were true, no one would tell you. However, that’s not the feeling.

The Lazio coach was asked if he was worried about the situation.

No but I am careful to understand the reasons for our decline. When you go into a negative period, with results not coming, it’s possible to go back up, but you have to be aware that it’ll take months.

So, you don’t need unnecessary anxiety and drama every game. On Tuesday I didn’t see a dead team, today in the second half neither.

He commented on how the team perform better against harder opponents.

There can be the mental aspect that bring you greater attention, but also a tactical discourse against opponents who want to play the game.

Finally, Sarri discussed the solution to Lazio’s problems.

The new ones need time to get into our tactical system. It is difficult to understand this involution on a mental level, unless the team gave 105% last year and have nothing left.

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