Vecino: ‘Lazio Cannot Lose Our Heads & Focus’

Matias Vecino underlined how Lazio escape their poor start to the season and looked ahead to their upcoming clash with Torino.

The Biancocelesti have suffered their worst start in Serie A in over two decades, managing just four points from their opening five games, having lost to Genoa, Lecce and Juventus. The points come from a 2-1 win over Napoli and a 1-1 draw with Monza.

Lazio need to quickly start putting puts on the board if they want to stay involved for the top four race, which is starting to take shape as the season continues to move forward.

Speaking to Lazio Style Channel (via LazioNews24), Vecino first discussed how Lazio escape their vein of bad form.

First of all, I believe that we need to analyse the problems well and then get involved, but always with our heads and with peace of mind. We started badly, but we have plenty of time to put things right.

Tomorrow we have a great opportunity. Without losing our heads and focus, starting with the simplest things and then the more complicated ones.

We must find ourselves as a team and rediscover that solidity that distinguished us last year and which I am convinced will lead us to score many points.

He touched on the dynamics of the Biancocelseti dressing room and how they react to poor results.

We always talk even when things are going well, we try to keep our attention and concentration high. There is always room for improvement.

When things aren’t going well, we give more space to dialogue, we discuss things to understand what isn’t working, but it’s a normal thing to do to resolve these problems.

He looked ahead to the clash with Torino.

We know that Torino are a difficult team for everyone to face, they prove it every year. They have a good coach and strong players, last year they put us in difficulty in both matches.

If we are a compact and solid team, who manage well in their transitions and we manage to win duels because they are very physical, we will also have time to play.

The Uruguayan veteran discussed his adaptability in the midfield.

I have done many roles in my career, every moment is different.Now I feel better in front of the defense, as I did in the second part of the season last year.

But the coach knows that I am available, that I can lend a hand even as a mezzala. If he thinks so, that’s fine. The important thing is that Lazio win.

Finally, Vecino looked ahead to his 250 appearances in Serie A milestone.

The important thing is to win. This is the first thing. Looking at the numbers, it’s normal. I’ve been in Italy for many years, it’s not like you always look at the data but when it arrives it’s nice.

When I left Uruguay in 2013, I dreamed of all this, one could imagine but it was difficult to make this dream come true. Many important players have passed through Italy. I’m happy and I hope to experience many more games.

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  1. The defence of the team is surely the root problem, the ability to intercept in the midfield turned obviously weaker after the leave of SMS. While the determination and desire to run for every ball seems to be weaker to me. Some mistakes happened due to the lack of understanding among the players and lack of concentration. Sometimes I felt our players are not physical enough to protect the ball. Left back and Right back just returned the ball to the back too often and the we always tried to pass through the central bus which was very hard. We lacked player to support Ciro in the box, at least to draw the attention of the defending players from Ciro.

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