Immobile: ‘Impossible for Real Lazio Fans to Criticise Me’

Ciro Immobile feels Lazio are ‘failing in some fundamentals’ but is confident of their chances against Celtic in the Champions League.

The 33-year-old Biancocelesti captain has started to be the target of criticism in recent weeks due to his lack of goals, having netted just twice across eight appearances this season.

Lazio have not been performing well and Immobile has failed to drive his team out of trouble, something he has done countless times over the last seven years. Some fans are now calling to see greater usage of backup striker Valentin Castellanos.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Immobile first discussed his physical and mental condition.

I’m fine, I expected a different start. I know how I see my teammates and the atmosphere working well, I remain calm. I’m convinced that the results will come.

He was asked about the criticism from the fans.

What came out hurt my brother and my wife the most. They really care about what I’ve done over the years. I felt it was impossible for the real Lazio fans to say anything negative against me.

The Lazio captain was asked about the differences between Serie A and the Champions League.

It’s the same difficulties. We are probably failing in some fundamentals this year. Surely, we’ll regain the flair to be able to attack in a better way.

He was asked about his poor form and if Lazio are stronger than Celtic.

I trust my teammates a lot, I trust what they show me, and I know what we can give. They are a strong team that knows how to play football, different from the English teams.

It will be a difficult game to play. As far as scoring goals is concerned, I’ve scored a lot and I’ve also experienced some difficult moments, and thanks to the team I know I’ll come out of it.

So, when we get back to creating, I’m sure I’ll get back to scoring goals, and lots of them.

Immobile highlighted how the clash with Celtic could be a turning point for the Biancocelesti.

For the team it can be. We expected a different start after the pre-season we had. With Lecce we went from a possible 2-0 lead to losing the game, with Genoa it was a completely different match.

For us all matches can be the turning point, we have all the cards to be able to do it. That’s why this situation makes us angry.

Finally, Immobile discussed his physical condition and the qualities of Castellanos.

Taty is intelligent, I saw from the start his willingness to learn. I am convinced that he will give us a hand, as will the other new guys. We are very keen to get them in, they are putting in the effort.

The ditch for me hasn’t started yet, I’m always at my best. When I get the chances again, I’ll be back to scoring goals.

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