Martusciello: ‘Lazio Performance the Result of Sarri’s Preparation’

Lazio assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello reflected on the team’s 2-0 victory over Sassuolo, highlighting the work of Maurizio Sarri and the impact of the new signings.

The Biancocelesti cruised to a confident win in Reggio-Emilia after goals from Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto, who secured all three points in an impressive display at the Mapei Stadium.

It was a key victory for Lazio, who are now starting to close the gap to the teams at the top of the Serie A table. The result leaves Sarri’s side in ninth with 13 points, four behind fourth place Fiorentina.

Speaking in a press conference (via LazioNews24) after the win over Sassuolo, Martusciello was first asked if Lazio have rediscovered themselves after their slow start to the season.

We weren’t lost, we just had to wait for the right condition for some new guys. We attacked the match immediately, we unblocked it after a few minutes, but we can do it even earlier.

I assure you that in these three days the coach has hammered the team, and the performance is the result of that.

This environment hides unforeseen difficulties, Sarri has been good at directing the team towards that concern.

He commented on the strong performances of Luis Alberto and Valentin Castellanos.

You know Luis Alberto better than I do, sometimes you are repetitive about him. If he makes himself available to the team, we all benefit, then he has other characteristics compared to other midfielders including aggressiveness.

Castellanos is not a discovery, he was seen and the okay was given for the purchase. He has the fire on him like Ciro. Starting is a word, but then you need availability when you are chosen or not chosen.

We are happy, also with Ciro’s behaviour. We think we’re calculating our condition at best, today they’re starting as equals.

The Lazio assistant coach spoke about the physical impact of playing every three days.

I don’t know if this is the right key. In 15 days we’ve worked at our best. Romagnoli, Casale, Zaccagni and Immobile without the national team have recovered the tense energy to put in.

Let’s see the next games if we have the necessary energy. The Champions League however requires a lot of mental effort.

He reflected on the team’s performance against Sassuolo.

So many difficulties without Sarri, between the first and second half there was a better confrontation, as from the top the feeling is even better.

The first half was extraordinary and the goal is to extend the first-half performance throughout the match.

Finally, Martusciello discussed Lazio’s strength in depth.

The large squad is an important advantage. This year we are benefiting from it unlike perhaps other years.

The defensive phase is the result of the availability of the whole team, starting with the forwards, and this makes the difference and is evident when we win.

When you score goals, this willingness is noticeable. At the beginning we didn’t do that, I know the reason in my heart, but I don’t want to say it. Obviously, we had to hit our snouts to come out.

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