Marusic Allegedly Threatened at Gunpoint in Serbia

Lazio full back Adam Marusic was allegedly threatened at gunpoint during the international break whilst with his family and agent.

A report from Corriere dello Sport (via LazioNews24) details how the 31-year-old, who played the full 90 minutes of the win over Sassuolo on the weekend, was attacked in the streets of Serbia whilst on international duty with Montenegro in the recent break.

His agent Uros Jankovic discussed the situation to, explaining how he, Marusic and the player’s family were brutally attacked at gunpoint.

They attacked me, Marusic, his wife and his mother. Several attackers hit me with guns on my head and other vital parts of my body. I broke my cheekbone and my left leg.

I was transferred to the Belgrade Clinical Centre, where I underwent surgery. We were surrounded by several cars. My driver tried to drive away, then was hit by a car coming from the opposite direction.

I couldn’t even get into the vehicle, I was attacked from behind. At a certain point I lost consciousness and they continued to hit me with guns and batons.

Adam intervened promptly. One of them pointed his gun at Marusic’s head and chest to prevent him from helping me while they brutally beat me. His mother, a 60-year-old woman, was pushed and injured.

Marusic’s agent Jankovic accused the two sons of Red Star director Zvezdan Terzic of being behind the attack. The two had professed their innocence, but the agent claims that CCTV footage proves their involvement.

In the past, Jankovic was allegedly the victim of attempted extortion by Terzic following a dispute between the pair.

The incident took place ahead of Montenegro’s Euro 2024 qualifier against Serbia on 17th October, a match in which Marusic played the full 90 minutes, showing his impressive mental strength.

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  1. Marusic trully is a bulldozer.

    What a bunch of bastards those human beings can be I have no words, scum of the earth.

    I hope they will get over this traumatic experience, everyone involved but the perpetrators.

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