Lazio President Lotito Defends High Ticket Prices

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has defended the costly ticket prices at the Stadio Olimpico amidst protests from supporters.

Biancocelesti fans have grown frustrated with the relatively dear cost of tickets for home matches in recent seasons, which partly explains the lack of a full stadium for games against less exciting opponents.

For example, the cheapest tickets for Lazio’s home games cost around €40, one of the more expensive teams to follow in Serie A. In comparison, Roma fans pay around €24 for their home games, €29 for Milan fans and Juventus’ cheapest tickets cost circa €23-25.

Speaking to Corriere della Sera (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Lotito attempted to justify why Lazio have one of the highest ticket costs in Serie A.

Lazio have a value, the brand has it. Tickets cannot cost less than those sold by teams at our level. We would devalue the brand and it would be an own goal.

The Biancocelesti president also suggested that the main problem is the packed schedule of modern football, which brings various costs to clubs who don’t own their stadiums. The club are working on a new facility, but progress is predictably slow.

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  1. Claudio Claudio, I start to think that the majority of fans are right and you took Lazio to the best of your ability and I respect you for that. I also applaud the fact that you did take over at a crucial time and surely helped saving the club from going to very bad(and risky) territory.

    Saying all that, I can’t be blind to the fact that if true, an this is your limit, it would be even more respectable if you’d start looking for someone who is capable of taking Lazio to the next level, otherwise, Dear President, you hurt Lazio.

    So what now?

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