Rovella on Move to Lazio, Sarri Relationship and UCL Dreams

Nicolo Rovella looked back at his first few months with Lazio, his role under Maurizio Sarri and the emotions surrounding their Champions League campaign.

The 21-year-old Italian midfielder joined the Biancocelesti from Juventus in the summer on a two-year loan deal with a €17m conditional obligation to buy clause attached, adding an exciting talent to Sarri’s squad.

Rovella has quickly started to carve out a spot for himself in the Lazio squad, seeing 570 minutes of action across 11 appearances so far this season. He’s already impressed in the capital and looks set to grow into a key figure.

Speaking in an interview with La Lazio Siamo Noi, Rovella first discussed how his move to Lazio has impacted him so far.

All these things are incredible, we come from the derby, which is quite popular here in Rome, it was incredible, it was my first derby. From the choreography to the atmosphere there, you felt it was a different match.

He touched on the help he’s received from the squad since his arrival in the summer.

There are many new players this year, the coach said that whoever had been here the longest had to say something to us to make us understand the derby.

Having played for years in Serie A I always watched the derby, it’s great to watch it. I already knew what it meant.

I spoke to Luis Alberto, and he told me about his first time here, we talked in general. It was nice to come on, it was an incredible adrenaline rush.

The 21-year-old commented on the integration of the new signings.

The coach talks more about the tactical aspect than about inclusion in the group. This is because of the inclusion of the group, at least for me, but I see the others too, we all fit in very well.

Isaksen, Guendouzi, Kamada who don’t speak Italian, they integrated very well. It’s a great group of very good guys, they helped us a lot at the beginning, even me who is one of the youngest.

It’s a great group and I have fun in the locker room.

Rovella discussed the meaning of the Champions League.

I think the Champions League is the dream of every kid who starts playing football. For me it’s also the first time, my first was in Rotterdam, I don’t have good memories, but certainly, just playing them was very exciting. I hope to play the match Lazio plays in and wins.

He looked back at his move to Lazio in the summer.

The first time I found out about it was thanks to Luca Pellegrini. He was with me in Turin, we were having lunch and he asked me ‘look, they said your name, would you come?’, but I didn’t know anything.

I told him ‘I’ll come tomorrow if you go’, and he says ‘then I’ll talk to you’. In the end this negotiation was born, my agent called me, the coach called me. When the coach called, I had already decided, but when I he called, I was just…!

The midfielder spoke about his relationship with Sarri.

Yes, but the coach is someone who has his own ideas, rightly the relationship with the players must remain the player-coach relationship.

These are things that remain between coach and player. He’s someone who talks, has a relationship, calls you, tells you things.

He spoke about how it was playing with Ciro Immobile and Valentin Castellanos.

Immobile, I don’t have to say what he is. He is a very good striker, he has made history not only for Lazio but also in Serie A. He is one of the scorers who has the most goals in Serie A.

Castellanos too, I didn’t know him well before I saw that last year in Spain, he did very well. He is a great player, physically strong, attacks deep well and technically he is a good player. He has an incredible header.

Finally, Rovella sent a message to the Lazio supporters.

I want to thank them for the support they give us every Sunday and for the derby. I didn’t expect the derby to be like this, the choreography was incredible.

I was left speechless. I feel like saying that we will give it our all until the goals set at the beginning of the year will be achieved.

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