Zaccagni Talks Contract Renewal, Lazio Attacking Woes & Trophy Hunger

Mattia Zaccagni opened up about his contract renewal talks, his desire to win a trophy with Lazio and the team’s struggles in front of goal this season.

The 28-year-old Italian winger, like many of his teammates in the frontline, has not been in the best form this term, leaving him with just one goal and one assist after 15 appearances across Serie A and the Champions League.

In the meantime, Lazio are also working on preparing a new contract for Zaccagni, whose current deal expires in the summer of 2025. Things have fallen quiet in recent months, with the focus seemingly on fellow winger Felipe Anderson.

Speaking to Corriere della Sera (via LazioNews24), Zaccagni first discussed his early relationship with football.

At the age of five my father enrolled me in football school. He and his mother were desperate because I was breaking everything in the house with the balls, lamps, photos, everything.

I remember a cabinet that I considered shaped like a door and therefore perfect for playing. I woke up at every hour to watch random league games. At the time I didn’t see it as a job.

He spoke about the recent lucrative offers arriving from Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia they offer tenfold salaries. Until you receive such an offer you cannot judge. I had graduated salaries. I played in Serie C, in Serie B and then in Serie A. The growth was manageable.

Others go from zero to 100. For them it would be right for teams to provide a tutor who helps them give the right value to money.

The Italian winger commented on his top objectives with Lazio.

Winning a trophy with Lazio. We are recovering after a negative start, but we are strong. Unfortunately, compared to the past, football has changed. It’s important for clubs to reach the Champions League to receive money. For me, however, silverware counts.

You play to win, and the fans dream of that. A compromise would be to ensure that we reach the Champions League through the Coppa Italia. Otherwise, there’s a risk that clubs, players and fans will have different priorities. And this creates distance.

Zaccagni was asked if he wants to renew his contract with Lazio.

Of course, and the team know it. Lately there haven’t been many talks, but Lotito moves like this, he puts the conversation aside and then addresses it again.

He has his own pace, but I think it is right to first address the issue relating to Felipe Anderson’s contract, which expires in a few months. My contract will expire in 2025.

He spoke about the team’s issues in front of goal this term.

Just a moment, we were also unlucky with many shots off the post. Last year I did the whole season, but I arrived a little tired and less focused. I have to find that condition again.

Once I return from the injury, which isn’t serious, I hope to make a greater contribution. I grew up with Sarri, he taught me to attack the area and to be more concrete.

Finally, Zaccagni discussed the dangers of social media.

Social media is dangerous, there are fragile people who, following these types of messages they receive, make extreme gestures.

Recently a boy committed suicide live on TikTok, and he was not the first. Politics should take the situation to heart. Banning those who demonstrate verbal violence could be a solution.

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