Details Emerge After Zaccagni Suffers Break-in

New details have been revealed regarding the recent break-in suffered by Lazio winger Mattia Zaccagni.

A report from La Repubblica (via LazioNews24) details how the thieves entered the Biancocelesti winger’s apartment through a window on the first floor, the only one not covered by the integrated alarm system.

The criminals also avoided on-site cameras, as well as those in the surrounding Via della Camilluccia area, which has led investigators to believe that the incident may have had significant planning, rather than being a spur-of-the-moment crime.

The police are now working to investigate whether Zaccagni’s home was one of many burgled that day or if it was particularly targeted. Regardless, around €80,000 of valuables in the form of jewellery, designer handbags and credit cards were stolen. A safe in the apartment wasn’t broken into.

The thieves are suspected to be part of an Albanian gang that specialise in burglaries requiring acrobatic feats, but this has not been confirmed at this stage.

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