Immobile Agent: ‘Emotions Priceless Compared to Petrodollars’

Marco Sommella, the agent of Lazio captain Ciro Immobile, discussed his decision to reject offers from Saudi Arabia and his renewed success in the Italian capital.

The 33-year-old Italian striker was heavily wanted by Saudi sides Al-Shabab and Al-Wehda in the summer, who offered him a two-year deal worth around €35 million net, a significant raise compared to his current terms in the Italian capital.

Immobile rejected the offers but did not start this season well, earning much criticism from supporters. He responded in the Champions League clash with Celtic, scoring a late second half brace to secure Lazio’s spot in the Round of 16, a vital objective of the season.

Speaking to Radio Sportiva (via LazioNews24), Sommella discussed Immobile’s impressive work in the win over Celtic, his response to the various critics this season and the striker’s decision to reject offers from Saudi Arabia in the summer.

The brace against Celtic is the norm, he makes the news when he doesn’t do what he did the other night. All it takes is for him not to score for two or three games and it becomes a national case. He has always done this in every division, but in football you have a short memory.

It’s not a problem, football is a simple thing. Whoever is well and scores must play, today there are many matches and Ciro is no longer 20 years old. He has pushed the cart for many years, but important players must be used in crucial matches.

If Sarri then opts for Castellanos, he will have the same objectives as him, the reality of the facts is that Immobile is at the height of maturity and can give a lot. If criticism is constructive it helps, if done with malice it is of no use.

Ciro conquered everything with his strength and with facts, not with talk. Nobody has the numbers he has, it makes me laugh because the guy lets everything slide all over him, but he doesn’t deserve certain attacks.

Unlike many others, he preferred to experience evenings like the Champions League rather than Arabia or the UAE, and he could have. He gives his soul every match, the problem is having respect and clarity.

Two years ago, there was Lucca who scored a lot at Pisa and the press wanted him to be a starter for the national team, it makes me laugh. The press puts too much pressure on these kids.

Immobile’s agent was then asked about his client’s plans for the future.

Now is not the time, a clear choice was made with the Champions League and for seven years he has been happy with the Biancocelesti.

There are many ambitions for a boy who has lived football since his first day in Pescara or Turin. These are emotions that are priceless compared to petrodollars and for this he should be appreciated.

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