Lazzari: ‘Lazio Need to Wake Up in Serie A’

Manuel Lazzari examined Lazio’s inconsistency between Serie A and the Champions League, and reflected on his ups and downs under Maurizio Sarri.

The Biancocelesti’s 2023-24 season has been marred by wild inconsistency, with the team looking poor and unfocused in the league but securing a spot in the Champions League knockout stages.

Pressure has mounted on Sarri, but Lazio have kept faith in the coach. The club are now fighting to restore order in Serie A, keen to start quickly climbing to the European spots as they look to stay involved in the race for a top four finish.

Speaking in a press conference (via TMW), Lazzari first spoke about the team’s European victory over Celtic.

We hope it leaves us with a lot of energy and adrenaline to immediately throw ourselves back into the league, where we are late. We don’t know why we play great matches in the Champions League and not in the league.

It’s the opposite of last year. However, progression to the next round in Europe is never a given and is important, but tomorrow against Cagliari it will be in or out. We must give a strong and definitive signal.

The 30-year-old reflected on his role change from wing back to full back.

I spent my entire career as a wing back until Sarri arrived. Then I had to adapt, especially in the first two years. It’s another role, another football. This year I feel much better, and I also think it shows. I think more about defending than attacking, that’s what the coach wants.

I have much more space to attack but I often arrive less focused at the end because the distance to cover is greater. I try to be concentrated for 90 minutes, being a defender is not like being a midfielder or attacker.

If you make a mistake, it’s a problem. I turned 30 but you never stop learning. Until three years ago I would never have thought of being a full-back, now I’m very happy to have done it.

He discussed his dreams of being a regular for the Italy national team.

Every player’s dream is the national team, perhaps being in the squad for a European Championship or World Cup.

It’s a dream, but there is a lot of competition, there are many strong full backs. Only by doing well with Lazio will I be able to have any chance for the national team.

Lazzari reflected on his ups and downs under Sarri.

When a player doesn’t play, he loses a bit of confidence, he’s less happy, but I’ve grown a lot mentally in these three years.

The season is long, there are periods when you are better and others when you are worse. The important thing is to always train as best as you can and take the opportunities you have.

He spoke about the departure of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and the arrival of Mateo Guendouzi.

With Sergej, we had known each other for five years, everything was simple, just one look was enough to understand each other on the pitch. Lazio lost a great player, he made the difference, but many other players have arrived who can become like him.

Guendouzi is really strong, he is different from Sergej, but he is fitting in very well. Lazio made a great deal for him. With Isaksen we got on well against Celtic, we are happy with how he played. Let’s hope that now he will make a difference in the league too.

The 30-year-old commented on if the team felt strong after their second-place finish last term.

No, I don’t think so. Last year we had a great season, but we certainly didn’t lack humility. It may seem that we lack malice and personality, as in Salerno. The league remains our priority and we need to make a change as soon as possible, we need to wake up.

He weighed in on the new signings.

It’s normal that they need time. Especially those arriving from abroad, unlike Rovella for example. Sarri asks for certain things, all it takes is one person who doesn’t do them and it all blows over. They need time and patience.

Finally, Lazzari commented on the usage of Ciro Immobile and Valentin Castellanos.

I always see Ciro very calm and happy, the mood after Celtic was very high. He is confident. He has received a lot of criticism, but he is fine. He is a very strong man, both physically and mentally, he is good at looking ahead and focusing only on the pitch.

Ciro is better at going deep, Taty comes forward more to make the team play. They are both great value, we are lucky to have them. Based on the match, the coach will decide who will play.

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  1. I still feel lazzari would shine better if used as a right winger or right midfielder… such blistering pass for a 30 year old is under used

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