Ciro Immobile: Everything You Need to Know About Lazio’s Captain

Lazio is one of the most important teams in Italian soccer; the captain of the Biancazzurri is Ciro Immobile, one of the strongest center forwards in Serie A and a key striker for the Italian national team. Let’s find out more about him.

Where Was Immobile Born and How Old Is He?

Let’s start with the basic information about birthplace and biographical discourse; the Azzurri center forward was born in Torre Annunziata (Napoli) on February 20, 1990, making him almost 34 years old. This is a pretty critical age for a footballer, but the white-blue striker proves, year after year, that he is still in good shape.

How Much Did Immobile Cost Lazio?

The white-blue club made one of the most important deals in recent years; the center forward cost almost nine million euros. Sevilla had sold the striker to the Capitoline club on a free loan with a buy-back obligation. This was a pretty good deal for Lazio since Immobile is worth much more today.

What Role Does Immobile Play?

Ciro Immobile is a pure center forward inside the penalty area, lethal for opposing defenses, and he’s a renowned player in his country and on the international stage. With that in mind, it’s not really a surprise that he’s the focus of much online betting in Italy and abroad, with many gamblers looking to back him in a whole range of different scenarios. Among the main characteristics and reasons why to bet on Lazio’s number seventeen, we also find superb attacking depth, an essential aspect considering how Sarri’s boys play a lot vertically.

Where Did Immobile Play Before Lazio?

The striker has been at Lazio since 2016 and has proven himself one of the most important players within the white-blue club. Before moving to the capital, the center forward played at Sevilla, but the experience in La Liga, it must be said, could have been better!

How Many Trophies Has He Won?

Let us turn to the Palmarès of the Azzurri center forward; he has won eight trophies. With the Lazio shirt, he lifted the Italian Super Cup twice (in 2017 and 2019) and he also won an Italian Cup in 2019.

Among his other impressive stats, we cannot fail to mention the European Championships with the national team. He made a fundamental contribution to this competition, especially in the rounds.

How Many Goals Has Immobile Scored for Lazio?

As we have already pointed out, the white-blue striker is one of the strongest center forwards in the Italian league, so it’s no surprise he’s been responsible for many goals. A striker with an extraordinary scoring average, he is one of Lazio’s pivots; he has scored 195 goals. An incredible number, to say the least, but one that testifies, to perfection, his ability inside the penalty area.

Do Sarri and Immobile Get Along?

Two of the most important roles within a team are the coach and the captain; in Lazio, these figures are represented by Sarri and Immobile. We can say there is a great relationship between the two; both work in harmony for the good of Lazio. Sarri is trying to improve the team weekly, while Immobile does what he does best: scoring goals.

How Long Has Immobile Been Lazio’s Captain?

It is quite normal to see Immobile take to the field with the captain’s armband on his arm; the Biancocelesti striker took this important responsibility in the summer of 2021 due to the departures of Senad Lulic and Marco Parolo, Lazio’s first two captains. Since then, Immobile has represented, in every way, the capital’s first team.

Immobile’s Salary, How Much Does He Earn?

How much does the center forward earn with Lazio? The blue striker is the player with the highest salary within the white-blue roster. In fact, he makes four million euros net per year. Even from an economic point of view, it is clear how important the striker is for the capital club, although the team is likely to lose Felipe Anderson soon.

Immobile Contract, Expiration, and Renewal

Regarding contract talk, however, the national team striker (at Lazio since 2016) has a contract with the white-blue club until June 30, 2026: two more years before he has the possibility of writing other important pages with the capital’s first team!

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that Ciro Immobile is a fundamental reference point for his teammates and an undisputed team leader. He is a key player, not only for his contributions in the scoring phase (since he has been at Lazio, he has an average that is nothing short of amazing, and he’s the best marked in Biancoceleste history), but also for how he makes the team play.

This player allows constant vertical play, and this is because of his extraordinary attack depth; his movements all over the offensive front favour the insertion of midfielders in the area. We can see it everywhere: Lazio fans are truly in love with Ciro Immobile.

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