Immobile: ‘Very Tough to Face Bayern but Lazio Aren’t Anxious’

Lazio captain Ciro Immobile noted that the squad ‘cannot have great regrets’ ahead of their Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

The Biancocelesti looked positive in Europe in the first half of the season, securing a second place finish in their Champions League group behind Atletico Madrid, taking them to the Champions League Round of 16 for the first time since the 2020-21 season.

Lazio secured an important win away to Cagliari on the weekend, giving Maurizio Sarri’s side a slight boost, whilst Bayern lost a possibly crucial Bundesliga clash with league leaders Bayer Leverkusen, giving Xabi Alonso’s side a five-point gap at the top of the table.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Immobile first discussed what this match means to him and Lazio.

When you have the passion to do something and you still believe in the team’s work and their desire to get back into the game… that’s the greatest quality that pushed me not to give up despite the difficulties.

Beyond the first part of the season, we cannot have great regrets. We have achieved an important result, we will play against one of the strongest teams around, a challenge that the whole world will see, this must be a source of satisfaction and must push us to give something especially for the fans.

He spoke about the state of the Biancocelesti squad.

The group is doing well, they are enjoying this match with enthusiasm. For us it must be prepared down to the smallest detail to do our best. It will be a very tough challenge but we are not experiencing it with anxiety, the victory in Cagliari has made us see the light again after bad times.

The Lazio captain reflected on the team’s last meeting with Bayern.

The most important aspect is precisely the match three years ago, showing off the growth we have had over the years, even just from the point of view of international experience.

For us it must be an added value that we must encourage us to forget that match and see how close we’ve gotten to these teams.

Immobile discussed the head-to-head battle with Harry Kane.

It’s always exciting to play against these types of players, we’re talking about one of the best in that position. Being able to compare myself with certain names throughout my career means a lot to me, I also understand the level I’ve reached.

In the end the statistics, the numbers, are what count, especially for a striker. These are things that you don’t even think about when you’re still playing, then with a cool head you understand that you’re doing extraordinary things.

Comparing yourself with stronger players is important to be encouraged to do more and more.

He looked ahead to the on-pitch battle.

The defenders will take care of Kane, Romagnoli, Patric, Gila and Casale. For me it won’t be a match between the two of us, but between Lazio and Bayern, we must try to put all of ourselves in the middle of the pitch to make it clear that the real objective is to grow, from a personal, team and even club point of view.

The Lazio striker commented on how these types of games feel to players.

It is fundamental for a footballer to always be able to think that the future can be improved. This should be a stimulus, especially for the younger ones.

Being able to understand that thanks to consistency in the league you can compete against the best in the world. In my career the I played the Champions League a few times, I would’ve liked to do it more.

He spoke about his current condition and form.

I’m in a good physical-mental condition, I’ve been through bad moments, I’ve carried too many things with me that I’m leaving behind along the way. Last week helped me a lot, I managed to train well, now there will be fewer and fewer training sessions, many matches await us.

I happened to see Augsburg-Bayern Munich before facing them three years ago, I said to myself ‘it can be done’. Then afterwards… These teams transform when they listen to the music.

Immobile looked ahead to the summer’s European Championship.

I haven’t heard from Spalletti since the penultimate call-up. It’s definitely an objective, but I’m trying to take it step by step, I like to do things seriously, done well.

If you have a good season you reach the Champions League, if you have a good season you reach the national team, I’ve always thought this.

We hope to reach the end of the season in excellent condition and be able to help.

Finally, Immobile discussed how Lazio are trying to combat their attacking issues.

We are working, we have seen many things that we are probably missing in order to be able to attack with more consistency. In the end it was always a question of placing ourselves well on the pitch, of managing the moments of the match. We tried to improve in this aspect.

We’re waiting for Zaccagni, we’re also integrating Isaksen, who came from a completely different way of playing, Pedro himself who should be his ‘rival’ helps him. I trust my teammates and I know how much they care, we all wanted to get out of this moment.

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