Sarri: ‘Lazio Have to Suffer Together Against Bayern’

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri underlined how his side cannot believe that their Champions League Round of 16 tie with Bayern Munich is ‘impossible’.

The Biancocelesti secured a second place finish in their Champions League group in the first half of the season, booking their spot in the knockout stages. The last time Lazio reached the Round of 16 of the competition came in the 2020-21 season, when they were eliminated by Bayern.

Whilst Lazio have struggled to maintain any consistency this term, bouncing between strong performances and miserable outings, Bayern have looked uncharacteristically weak in the Bundesliga and sit five points behind Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen after their weekend defeat.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Sarri first discussed what Lazio need to think heading into their match with Bayern.

Thinking that it’s not impossible. If we start from the assumption that it’s impossible, it’s a game we’ve already lost.

We have to go with confidence, with enthusiasm, we have to try at all costs, a good push without having second thoughts. On paper they are favourites, we’ll see what the pitch says.

He touched on what his side need to do against the German giants.

We all have to suffer together, as a collective. There will be difficulties to face and overcome, this is inevitable when teams are of this caliber.

We have to do the complete opposite compared to the match against Inter, when we were at the mercy of events. Tomorrow, however, events must be faced.

The Biancocelesti coach provided an update on the state of his project in the Italian capital.

Moments of heaviness inevitably emerge, especially when you work for three or four years with the same coach. We should never forget that we play a game, and the game is played while having fun.

I’m not talking about becoming superficial. I think we need to go back to having the sense of fun on the pitch with all the responsibilities we have to take on.

If a child shuts down, the adult also shuts down, they make less money and make those who follow them have less fun. We are privileged, we do something for work that we would have done for free.

Sarri commented on his expectations of Bayern.

I don’t know, Vecino wasn’t even particularly well today. Let’s see how he will be in the last training session tomorrow morning and then we’ll decide.

I expect a strong Bayern, the team is different compared to the league, much meaner, determined. They are a team that can lose a few goals in the league, not in the Champions League.

He spoke about the idea of playing Luis Alberto in an advanced position.

Luis Alberto is our most attacking midfielder, then he himself often comes deeper to get the ball but because he really likes to play the ball. Luis can’t make be attacking midfielder I want, I need an attacking midfielder that attacks spaces.

When a team loses a match we always talk about changing the system, to me it seems like bullsh*t.

Lazio are averaging two points considering all the competitions, we’re in difficulty because we made a complete mistake in the first part of the season. Mistakes burdens that we are still paying for in the league.

He discussed the upcoming summer transfer window and what the team need.

The president will take care of it, I just told him what I think. We talk about many possible variations, then the teams with the highest turnover win the titles.

There are extraordinary cases that are remembered for twenty years, but precisely because they are extraordinary cases.

I think we can do well even if we are not one of the major international powers, but in the end investments are decisive.

Finally, Sarri provided updates on Patric, Mattia Zaccagni and Nicolo Rovella.

Patric trained with us, he no longer has great pain but he has some difficulty in physicality. Zaccagni was still out, yesterday with boots without studs he was able to train quite well, with boots with studs he has pain in his changes of direction.

Rovella has the beginnings of groin pain which has now flared up and he is in difficulty.

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