Lazio President Lotito Threatens to Sue FIGC

Lazio owner Claudio Lotito has publicly threatened to sue the FIGC after complaining about the voting rules for the Italian FA president.

The Biancocelesti president has regularly clashed with the FIGC over the years, possibly part of his larger political desires, and was one of the club chairmen pushing heavily for an 18-team Serie A, which failed in recent votes.

Lotito is not afraid of controversy and in recent weeks he’s clashed with Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri, who made it clear that he wasn’t in charge of the club’s transfer policies. The Biancocelesti president responded by highlighting how excuses won’t be accepted in the final months of the season.

Speaking to La Repubblica (via, Lotito explained why he wants to sue the FIGC, discussing voter rights in league elections.

The numbers say that we count for nothing, if Lega D combines its votes with those of the Lega Pro, we are talking about the old Serie C, that agreement is enough to bring any idea of the other clubs to its knees. 

In summary It’s trivial, a Serie C club matters more than one from Serie A. An amateur club matters more than one that plays in the Champions League. Enough is enough, we will sue the FIGC.

These rules no longer suit us, the lawyers will take care of the part that concerns them, but our project is simple. Gravina and his Football Federation feel armoured by their statute. 

We want the Serie A league, the one made up of the clubs that have an image, fans and produce 90% of the turnover, to transform into something different, Serie A must be the new Premier League.

When voting for a new FIGC president, votes from Serie A are worth 12%, with the rest coming from Serie B (5%), Lega Pro (17%), the National Amateur League (34%), the players (20%), the coaches (10%) and the referees (2%). 

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