Martusciello: ‘Sarri Didn’t Resign Because He Was Afraid of Lazio’

Lazio interim coach Giovanni Martusciello reflected on Maurizio Sarri’s resignation, his plans for the future and if there was a betrayal in the dressing room.

The Biancocelesti assistant coach temporarily took charge in the dugout following Sarri’s unexpected departure last week, guiding the club to a 3-2 win in their clash with Frosinone on Saturday. He will be replaced by Igor Tudor, who is expected in Rome in the coming hours.

Martusciello will leave Lazio upon Tudor’s arrival, ending his and Sarri’s era at the club for good. Whilst the team did return to the Champions League, the lack of silverware ultimately proved disappointing considering what was seen on the pitch.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia after Lazio’s win over Frosinone (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Martusciello was first asked what had changed compared to last year.

Another season changed, we approached it with a bit less energy. In such a long period of time there are passages that move, starting from the beginning, those two matches weighed heavily on us in the run.

And then the Champions League event, which moves in an overbearing way. In my opinion there were many situations that led us to do less than the last year.

A year ago, we exited the Europa League and there was the leap that made us finish second. Not all years are the same and this is confirmation.

He commented on the high pressures at the Biancocelesti.

In Rome it’s not like in Milan, here the place wants to get higher and higher. When you can’t compete, everything becomes more complicated.

It’s wonderful to experience this city, especially when you play at the Olimpico, we’ve been lucky enough to win the derby a lot, but not all years are the same. Let’s hope that this team manages to come together and make the fans dream again.

The Lazio coach spoke about if there’d been a betrayal in the club.

No, absolutely no. In this squad here that’s impossible, unthinkable. Something that doesn’t belong to the DNA of these kids.

I assure you that this is not the case, they are exemplary professionals, sometimes they are unable to give 100% or get out of particularly difficult situations, but the word betrayal is certainly too strong.

I’ve never had the feeling like that, and I’ve been in contact with them for two years.

He explained why Sarri decided to resign last week.

Sarri resigned to ensure that matches of this type took place. He realized that he no longer had an impact, there were three ways to make them react: resignation, dismissal, extension of his contract, there were no other ways.

It’s not a usual thing, especially due to the coach’s condition. He didn’t resign because he was afraid of coaching Lazio, but to attempt this last thing, a reaction.

It was also the director who suffered this condition here, I won’t hide from you that when the resignation arrived, he was emotional, he was the first to feel upset about it. Sorry, other ways will be found.

Finally, Martusciello discussed his plans for the future after Lazio.

I haven’t slept for four days. My future was so evident, a patch of discussions that are neither in heaven nor on earth has spread.

I made myself available because the group and the team needed and didn’t have the time to find a new coach. Now they’ve found him, it was planned for me to leave.

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