Tudor Talks Lazio Move, First 48 Hours & Tactical Plans

Igor Tudor opened up about his decision to take charge at Lazio, his first 48 hours in the capital and his plans in the dugout.

The Biancocelesti were forced to quickly find a new head coach last week after Maurizio Sarri unexpectedly handed in his resignation, leaving assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello to take over for the 3-2 win over Frosinone.

Tudor officially put pen to paper on his contract with Lazio on Monday, agreeing to a one-year contract lasting to June 2025 with an option for a second year linked to sporting results. His first game in charge will come against Juventus on 30th March, giving him a little time to prepare.

Speaking to Lazio Style Channel (via Calciomercato.com), Tudor first spoke about why he decided to accept Lazio’s offer.

You don’t need any particular reason to come and coach a prestigious club like Lazio. Reaching these levels is the goal of all coaches.

Coming to be part of this club, coaching a strong team, with special fans, in a city like Rome, how could I not accept?

The Croatian coach reflected on his first 48 hours in charge of the Biancocelesti.

I’ve already seen the facilities at Formello. Here you can work well, there are all the prerequisites and facilities necessary for a coach, which are also very nice.

I noticed seriousness and an organization of the club where everyone is predisposed to work well, in a simple but fair way.

A family, as I like it. From the outside I have always seen that here the coach is given an important role in order to do his job well.

He discussed what needs to be done next by the Roman club.

Lazio can still give a lot. We need to get to work. It’s not easy to come after a coach who plays a different type of football from yours.

It definitely takes some time to adapt, but I believe I have a healthy group of people who apply themselves. It will be up to me to be quick to convey my ideas. We will do it quickly.

Finally, Tudor opened up about his tactical plans and preferred style of play at Lazio.

Matteo (Guendouzi, ed.) I haven’t seen him yet, but I know he’s a winner, he has the mentality that is needed in certain teams where there are demanding players. Niccolò (Casale, ed.) is a golden boy, as well as a strong player. He will certainly be useful.

I was a defender, but I also played in midfield, and I also played full-back with Lippi. As a coach, however, I like to work a lot on the offensive phase. When it comes to defending, it’s not only the defenders or the goalkeeper. The whole team is needed.

A spirit of sacrifice is needed, which must never be lacking. As a coach I don’t give up anything. I want to see grit in transitions, in the defensive and offensive phases, quality of play and running in space.

Modern football is going in this direction, attacking with many players and trying not to be boring. I’m never satisfied.

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