Tudor on Lazio Arrival, First Impressions and Next 2 Months

Igor Tudor gave his first press conference as Lazio coach, opening up about his plans and ambitions in the Italian capital.

The 45-year-old Croatian coach officially joined the Biancocelesti on Monday, putting pen to paper on a one-year contract lasting until June 2025 with an option for a second linked to accessible sporting results. It only took a day or two of negotiations before he agreed to the move.

Tudor has already started working with his Lazio squad in Formello, only having to do without six first-team players due to the international break. His first match in charge will come against Juventus on 30th March, a tough test for the former Olympique Marseille and Hellas Verona coach.

Speaking to gathered reporters in his unveiling press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Tudor first discussed what kind of squad he found at Lazio.

I found half a team because many are away with their national teams. They’re a good team from every point of view, with guys ready to work. The work culture was already well established, thanks to Sarri. There’s great predisposition, the guys know that they have to do better.

Knowing that there is a desire to do is an excellent start. Then each coach does their part, keeping the things they like and adding something.

He explained why he decided to accept the Biancocelesti’s offer.

They’re an important team, I accepted because they’re Lazio. Here the role of the coach is important. What I have seen from the outside is that here there is truly a project, you can come and work well.

In other clubs you talk about a project, but then it’s not like that. Here are the foundations for doing a good job.

The Croatian coach was asked about his tactical plans with Lazio.

We’ll see this in the running, I have to evaluate things. Clearly a coach takes a player based on his own way of playing.

We’ll be careful to make evaluations quickly, then perhaps adjust in the summer. But first, priority to these two months, there are points in the league and the cup.

Tudor discussed the current plans for Daichi Kamada.

We’re not talking about playing form, but about style. A coach brings new things, I don’t want to talk about individuals, I have to evaluate them all.

I’m very careful, I choose based on what I see. In the gym there’s writing that represents me, it’s not the desire to win that determines things, but preparing to do so.

He was asked if he was truly an ‘Iron Sergeant’.

No, it’s a bad description. You have to be everything, give carrots and sticks. In four days here I have never had to raise my voice. In Italy there is a great work culture.

I have worked in many countries, but not like here. Then it’s normal that the players need to be stimulated. The training sessions are demanding.

The 45-year-old spoke about what the final two months of this season mean for the future.

I think everything matters, long-term planning makes no sense. I believe in work, we want to start strong straight away, it won’t be easy all at once, but this doesn’t mean we don’t have to wait a long time.

Now good games await us, strong, just the way I like it. In the end the players make the difference, I see a strong team that has a bit of everything. We can do well.

He was asked about his plans for a project.

The length of the contract doesn’t matter to me. If I don’t work well, I’ll go home tomorrow. I live in the present and for work, if I do well, I’ll stay, otherwise I’ll move on.

Tudor looked ahead to his first games in charge against Juventus.

My past matters little, you have to prepare as best as possible, find the motivation. I’m excited for all the matches, when you face teams like Juve there’s always determination.

But I’m more concerned against the small teams. They’re two good challenges, then there’s also the derby, good matches.

Finally, Tudor discussed what he expects from his Lazio players.

These are tactical details, it’s not even important to talk about them. I like attacking football, so the important thing is balance.

It’s important to understand what we can afford based on the characteristics of the players. I want a team that attacks with a large number of players. It’s a job to be done over time.

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