This Week In Lazio History | April 1-7 | Matches, Memories, Birthdays

April 1-7 saw some fundamental games in the history of Lazio, plus birthdays of important players. But April 1, 2012, was one of the saddest days for Laziali…

Matches of the Week

Date: Sunday, April 1, 2000
Location: Stadio delle Alpi, Turin
Fixture: Juventus Lazio 0-1
A Simeone second-half header gives Lazio victory and cuts Juventus’ lead to 3 points… Scudetto is still possible.

Date: Sunday, April 5, 1981
Location: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Lazio-Spal 2-0
Two fundamental goals by veteran Bigon keep the Biancocelesti on target for Serie A.

Date: Saturday, April 6, 1991
Location: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Roma Lazio 1-1
Lazio manage to draw the derby, even if reduced to nine men, thanks to a Ruben Sosa goal.

Date: Sunday, April 7, 1974
Location: Stadio San Paolo, Naples
Fixture: Napoli Lazio 3-3
Lazio come from behind three times with Giorgio Chinaglia to possibly dump Napoli out of the title race and keep first position.

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2012
Location: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Lazio Napoli 3-1
A week after club legend Giorgio Chinaglia’s death, Lazio honour him with a spectacular win towards a Champions League place.

In Memory…

On April 1, 2012, the news that nobody expected came. Giorgio Chinaglia had died. For many fans this was impossible, Long John can never die, the concept of a world without him is just not possible. Chinaglia has been loved, hated, missed, treated like a semi-God, worshipped like a Messiah, forgotten and ignored. But Giorgio Chinaglia was one of us. He was the heart and soul of the 1973-74 Scudetto squad. An exceptional player, big, physical, and powerful. He may not have had the greatest technique, but he always gave 1000% in every match. He became a Lazio supporter and it was as if every fan was on the pitch when he played. Chinaglia loved derbies, loved the rivalry and would often taunt the Roma supporters who hated him. To this day he is still adored by the fans who keep his memory alive at all times. Despite the ups and downs, we can only be grateful to Giorgio.

Birthdays this Week

  • Marco Ballotta 3-4-1964, goalkeeper, Italy, 85 appearances (1997-00, 2005-08)
  • Martín Cáceres 7-4-1987, defender, Uruguay, 18 appearances, 1 goal (2018-19)
  • Michaël Ciani 6-4-1984, defender, France, 72 appearances, 2 goals (2012-15)
  • Octavio Fantoni II 4-4-1907, midfielder, Brazil, 98 appearances, 5 goals (1930-35)
  • Simone Inzaghi 5-4-1976, forward, Italy, 196 appearances, 55 goals (1999-2010, manager 2016-21)
  • Pietro Pastore 3-4-1903, forward, Italy, 75 appearances, 32 goals (1929-34)
  • Silvestro Pisa 4-4-1916, forward, Argentina, 92 appearances, 34 goals (1939-43)

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