Tudor Talks Lazio Lessons, Roma Qualities & Derby Pressure

Igor Tudor feels he saw more positives than negatives from Lazio’s loss to Juventus and didn’t shy away from the qualities of Daniele De Rossi’s Roma.

The Biancocelesti looked positive in their first two outings under the Croatian coach, picking up a tight 1-0 win over the Old Lady in the league before suffering a difficult 2-0 loss in the Coppa Italia semi-final rematch three days later, a result that leaves them with a tall task for the second leg.

Tudor has already admitted that the next two to three months are a period of evaluation at Lazio as he looks to decide which players fit his project and which should be on the transfer market in the summer.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Tudor first commented on his personal relationship with the Rome derby.

I have always liked these important matches. The other truth is also right, this is a game like any other. You can’t escape the feelings people have. It must give you something more without you losing your head, the derby should be experienced in this way, pleasant as well.

Right antagonism and respect for opponents, of the game and of football. This for me is the real derby, always being right. To force the beauty of this sport.

The Croatian coach spoke about his expectations of his players.

As you know, with three games in seven days, there are few training sessions, we worked on a little something. We need to prepare in today’s training session as best as possible.

I saw more positive things than negative things against Juventus. We are on the right path, interpreted in the best way by the players, I feel they’re very convinced in what we do.

He looked back at the start of De Rossi at Roma and his relationship with the former midfielder.

I saw Roma’s matches, very interesting. Different from the one before (Mourinho, ed.), right idea for the players they have. There is quality in their game, he’s done a good job. I must admit that it’ll be very difficult, two teams with these characteristics, who want to have the ball.

I hope people have fun, but then we win. I thank him for his words, I knew him as a player, he has always been someone with values. From the outside he seems like a good person, he has just started but it’s a good start.

Tudor spoke about how he approached preparations for the derby.

When you start working, you do it thinking about your football, then things add up little by little. It’s not like you start playing football and then after five days you change, the style must always be more or less the same.

Systems have something to do with it up to a certain point. I’m always involved, I haven’t gone to the centre yet, I’m quite isolated. But I understand the importance of this game, I want to experience it in the right way. I can’t wait for the derby.

He was asked if he was had any thoughts about Lazio’s attacking play.

I work to improve the team. I’m never satisfied with either phase. It’s too early to make judgments on anything. I like how the players are walking on this new path, but we’ll see game by game.

I did two very particular games in terms of my preparation. There were players who did one or two training sessions, due to the national teams, and in any case they more or less recognized things that I wanted. Let’s take some time before making any judgements.

He spoke about the status of Daichi Kamada.

Despite not playing much this year, he has gone beyond his possibilities. He is flexible, has a good level from all points of view, I consider him a complete player.”

Finally, Tudor spoke about the conditions of Nicolo Rovella and Lorenzo Pellegrini and his expectations for the match.

I don’t know what’ll happen, it’s very difficult to say. Regardless of the outcome we’ll move forward. I saw that both Rovella and Pellegrini are very excited, tomorrow we’ll definitely take them to the bench.

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