Lotito Aims Dig at Roma Defender: ”Lazio Players Behave Differently”

Lazio president Claudio Lotito criticized the behavior of Roma defender Gianluca Mancini who opted for a controversial celebration in the Derby della Capitale.

The two arch-rivals locked horns at the Stadio Olimpico last Saturday, and it was the Giallorossi who prevailed thanks to a solitary goal from Mancini himself. Following an intense affair, the Roma players went to celebrate the win with their supporters in the Curva Sud, with the Italian international emerging as a protagonist once more, but this time, for all the wrong reasons.

Mancini could be seen running in front of the Curva while holding a Lazio flag featuring a rat in a provocative gesture that irritated the Biancocelesti everywhere. While on the sidelines of the Euro 2024 presentation at Villa Almone, Lotito insisted that his Lazio players would have never adopted such a demeanor (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

You would never see one of our players doing a gesture similar to Gianluca Mancini’s. Lazio players behave differently. We can only accept what the judge has decided, that’s all I can do. Everyone has their own ideas, which then they must be put to the ground.

Lotito admitted the club’s need for a new stadium, but he’s now solely focused on enhancing other facilities.

I’m doing the things that must be done. The stadium is certainly one of many things we need. But now, I have totally dedicated myself to the sports center which I have transformed. we are building another six fields plus the church, the school and a another guesthouse. Lazio is not a starting point but a point of arrival. When I arrived, everyone was running away.

The Lazio president also revealed he appointed Igor Tudor because he expects him to bring the best out of the players who have been underperforming.

I signed Tudor because I expect him to be able to give a shock and put some players back in a position to express their true potential. Some players were incredible last season but are underperforming this term. Many former Lazio players tell me that I spoil today’s stars too much. I note that perhaps this is precisely the problem.

We can’t just blame all of our problems on the departure of Milinkovic-Savic. He wanted to leave but we strengthened the squad. It’s not me who goes on the pitch, but the players. I can only put them in a position to give their best. And in the sports center, they have everything they need to live in an environment that allows them to do so.

Finally, Lotito quashed all rumors claiming he used to support Roma, insisting he’s been a Lazio fan since childhood.

“That is totally false and baseless. I have been a Lazio supporter since the age of five. I have never renounced my passion for the club. The things said are totally false and those who spent my childhood with me can confirm it.

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