Fabiani: ‘Zaccagni Agreement, Felipe Anderson Dropped Wages for Exit’

Lazio sporting director Angelo Fabiani opened up Felipe Anderson’s recent exit announcement, the new deal with Mattia Zaccagni and the plans for the upcoming transfer window.

The Biancocelesti are in a state of transition heading into the summer, in the early stages of Igor Tudor’s new project. Sweeping changes are expected in the squad, starting with the departures of some long-term favourites.

Felipe Anderson recently announced his exit for Palmeiras and Luis Alberto also publicly stated his desire to leave Lazio in the summer. There are also rumours surrounding captain Ciro Immobile, linking him to Inter and clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Radiosei (via TMW), Fabiani first spoke about Zaccagni’s new contract.

There was a handshake with Zaccagni, we worked until late at night with president Lotito. Soon we it will be official. I have to say one thing in favour of this boy, he really wanted to stay at Lazio. We want people who are so focused and want to give everything for this club.

The Lazio sporting director reflected on the Felipe Anderson situation.

Felipe Anderson behaved like a man and with incredible dignity and professionalism. We did everything to keep him, but when he is faced with family and territorial choices there is nothing we can do.

He went to Palmeiras and lost money compared to what Lazio offered him. We offered him five years and a significant salary, the second or third highest in the squad.

He put the family at the centre of the project, he recently had a son. Hats off to Anderson, he’s an amazing person. He has never raised problems either at Lazio or at other clubs. He is the son everyone would like.

He highlighted how some players in the Lazio squad would move forward in the new project.

We have already started in the summer, in the month of July, to take on young and prospective elements who are also doing quite well. This project does not stop, but we must always stay moving on the market.

Operations will be carried out that are functional to the improvement project, without however throwing away those of the old guard who can still give something to Lazio. It is not a total revolution, there are still many senators who can say and do a lot.

Then it is clear that when there is a change, everyone has their own working method and there can be a lot of worries. We are paid to work for Lazio for the people of Lazio.

Perhaps it is the last act I will do in my career, the cycle ends for the directors too. I am a paid professional and this is my job, but I care about the Lazio shirt to death.

Fabiani reflected on the appointment of Tudor.

When scouting is done during the year, because the market never sleeps, coaches are also followed. In our opinion, Tudor did an extraordinary job in Verona and Marseille and gave us more than the impression of being an element capable of starting a valid project for the club.

We knew that he had a different way of interpreting football, but we also understood that we had elements in the workforce that could suit him. Today we are reviewing our scouting because there are different requests compared to Sarri’s system.

Finally, Fabiani was asked what would happen to midfielders Luis Alberto and Daichi Kamada.

Luis Alberto did an impromptu but typical thing for the boy. Nothing special. Kamada with Tudor is finding an important space. There are signs, he has a certain type of contract that required him to spend a year in Rome and reserve the possibility of staying or not.

He can exercise the option of the clause, Lazio can do very little about it. In the last period Kamada is proving to be an excellent player. The clause expires on May 30th and only he can exercise it. He hasn’t expressed any decision to us yet, in life everyone is useful, and no one is indispensable.

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