Lotito Talks Stadio Flaminio, Felipe Anderson Exit & Zaccagni Deal

Lazio president Claudio Lotito opened up about the new stadium project, the imminent departure of Felipe Anderson and the new deal with Mattia Zaccagni.

Felipe Anderson publicly confirmed his intentions to leave the Biancocelesti on a free transfer at the end of the season, surprising many by choosing Palmeiras instead of Juventus, bringing an end to his second spell in the Italian capital.

On the other side of the coin, Mattia Zaccagni has secured his long-term future with Lazio by agreeing a new €3 million net per season contract lasting to June 2029, finally rewarding him for his vital work over the last few seasons.

Speaking exclusively to La Lazio Siamo Noi, Lotito first discussed Lazio’s new stadium project at the Stadio Flaminio.

I’m only thinking of the proposal that Lazio will make to use the Flaminio under conditions that are compatible with the club’s needs. Above all the needs of a competition at European level.

If we don’t have the standards for parking, if we don’t have a number of spectators and therefore seats, if we don’t have the ability to reach the stadium easily without creating too much chaos, clearly the stadium wouldn’t be usable without these conditions.

We are doing a whole study to see what the conditions would be ideal conditions to be able to use it in the interests of the fans, the club and the city of Rome. The right capacity is 50 thousand spectators.

I remember that this year we had an average of 31 thousand season ticket holders, there is a strong core between 15 and 17 thousand people who can buy tickets, otherwise only us will go to the stadium.

So obviously when the visiting teams arrive, plus someone who isn’t a season ticket holder, you have to put them in a position to be able to come to the stadium.

The Lazio president then commented on Felipe Anderson’s imminent exit and Zaccagni’s new long-term contract.

Zaccagni is a player who has demonstrated attachment to the shirt, I would add that several considerations have been made by the media, nothing relevant to the truth, it has only been created unjustified alarmism.

Although there are concerns that some players have decided to undertake another experience, they do so not because they’re unhappy at Lazio, they do so because they want to return to their country of origin, even on economically lower conditions than those that were proposed by us.

Lazio today are a point of arrival and not a starting point, unfortunately the considerations of some were also made for family or even economic reasons, if some decide to go to Saudi to get a salary of €25 million, he is not a player who can play at Lazio and no team in the Italian league.

He called me, reluctantly, despite having also had the reassurance of a future prospect, he made a familiar choice and I can’t blame him for anything also because he assured me that he would give his maximum until the end of his experience at Lazio.

Finally, Lotito discussed the situation regarding the pre-season training camp in Auronzo di Cadore.

I have tried to address certain issues in this matter which is currently at risk, I am referring to the use of the hotel, I am obviously referring to the municipal administration, I have made institutional interventions to be able to resolve the problem.

We hope that Lazio can also land in Auronzo this summer, but if we do it, we will do it with the awareness of giving our fans another opportunity, but also without fears of being denied. We also have alternative solutions, especially those of going to play a series of friendlies around the world.

Today the organisation of Formello, with all the work we have done, has nothing to envy either of Auronzo or other parts, it is super organised and could also be the best solution for the team because in this way they don’t travel too far from home and perhaps leave with short journeys to reach other teams in order to play friendly matches and then return.

In short, we will make an evaluation with the team, with the players themselves and with the coach, to understand what the best solution will be. However, I was interested in having the certainty of having an operational headquarters in Auronzo.

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