Lazio Director Fabiani on Luis Alberto: ”No Room for Egocentrism, Sarri Extraordinary Person”

Lazio sporting director Angelo Fabiani discussed a variety of topics in his interview with Radiosei (via La LazioNews24), including Luis Alberto and Maurizio Sarri’s farewell.

The 62-year-old joined the club in the summer as a replacement for Igli Tare. He previously served at Salernitana, a club that was previously owned by Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

Fabiani weighed in on one of the hottest topics at the moment concerning Lazio, which is the future of Luis Alberto. The playmaker has already publicly announced his desire to leave the club in the summer, pleading with the management to rescind his contract.

The Spaniard also caused controversy last weekend when Igor Tudor dropped him out of the matchday squad due to a lack of effort in training. Therefore, the Lazio director insists that such behavior won’t be tolerated at the club, revealing that the management will try to resolve the player’s future in the summer one way or the other.

When Lotito put me in charge of the first team in August, I told the president that Lazio must regain its centrality. There must be no room for personalism, egocentrism and anything else.

Luis Alberto is an important player, he has a contract with Lazio, I have always said that at the end of the season we would take any requests into consideration and the management will try to do what’s best for the club, not for the individual.

He has expressed his will, we will take it into consideration and if it does not harm the club, we will accept it. Otherwise we will examine the other solutions. This applies to everyone else.

On another note, Fabiani looked back on Sarri’s shocking exit, while describing the former Lazio coach as an extraordinary person.

Sarri’s farewell shocked us. Maurizio is an extraordinary person and has had family issues. So it wasn’t an easy period for him. He, with great respect for Lazio, told me he couldn’t give everything for the club during that period.

I thank him because I don’t know how many would have done it, taking a step back and giving up a year’s salary. However, Lotito wanted to honor the contract until the end of the season.

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