Tudor: ‘Lazio Over Last Three Years Different Than My Aim’

Igor Tudor confirmed Luis Alberto would be in the Lazio squad to face Inter and underlined where the team can improve heading into the summer.

The Biancocelesti are gearing up for an incredibly difficult clash against Simone Inzaghi’s Nerazzurri at San Siro on Sunday, a tough test against the Scudetto holders. Victory is key as the Roman side fight for a spot in the Europa League.

Tudor has started to build an interesting project over the last two months at Lazio, but much depends on what happens in the summer transfer window, when players like Luis Alberto and Felipe Anderson will depart. Reinforcements are expected, putting pressure on Claudio Lotito and Angelo Fabiani.

Speaking in a press conference (via TMW), Tudor first discussed what he wants to see from Lazio against Inter.

A perfect Lazio, we are going to the home of the strongest team in Italy who are playing beautiful and concrete football. They are the best team this year, they are doing a great job in planning and growth.

We are going there to do our best, there are two games to be played and six points still up for grabs, we need to establish the ranking from a European perspective and see which competition to participate in.

He was asked what the team still need to improve on.

There is never a peak, a coach always aspires to the best. There are important player choices, the characteristics of the players for a certain type of football are different from others.

The important thing is to have strong players, the football played here in the last three years is different from how I see football, I also like having the ball, but definitely different.

Sarri’s football was still good, and he achieved results, but in my football, there are different distances and, in this football, there are players who adapt better. There is this diversity, and this does not mean that these elements of the squad cannot do well in this football too.

We must finish these last two games well, then we’ll get to planning for the next season, calmly and clearly, making the right choices. But first we need to finish well.

Tudor confirmed Luis Alberto would be called up.

Luis Alberto will be called up, he had a normal week and is present. There are 38 games in the season, I think we’ll take stock at the end and see where we end up.

He was asked how he’d manage the goalkeeping situation.

There is a clear hierarchy here. Provedel is the starter and will be back on the pitch tomorrow. Mandas has done very well in recent weeks, but Provedel is the number one and will be back in goal tomorrow.

The Lazio coach touched on his relationship with Daichi Kamada.

I speak only little with him, not because of the language because we speak English and his Italian is also improving. We speak little because he is doing the right things. It’s like with children, if you have four or five at home with those who do the right things, you talk to them less about the right things.

Kamada is a machine in the positive sense, he doesn’t make any mistakes, he has a crazy brain linked to his footballing talent. He can play all the roles in midfield, he steals the ball and takes the team forward, I respect him and he’s a great discovery for me.

Tudor discussed the importance of improving the physicality at Lazio.

It’s not just about centimetres, it’s about legs and stamina, power and acceleration. It’s not just centimetres that make the difference, it’s a natural thing.

Just look at the Premier League, if you go and look it seems like they’re going to a different speed, it’s not a question of height but of power and acceleration.

Football is going in this direction, but those who are good and fast cost a lot and for this reason they all go to the Premier League, speed and kilometres travelled compared to the 90s there has been a crazy growth.

It is not easy to find these players, no one wants a player who goes at two an hour. You have to be good at choosing these players, football is going that way direction.

He was asked to weigh in on the Serie A scheduling.

We’ve already talked about it, it’s definitely not a normal thing. We have to wait a week to understand what will happen, it’s not about giving anyone an advantage but about the regularity of the league. It’s not good for anyone and I think we need to improve on this.

Finally, Tudor was asked if Luca Pellegrini would feature more.

He’ll play tomorrow, Rovella will play too. I gave you two names like that, I won’t give any others.

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  1. “ It’s not just about centimetres, it’s about legs and stamina, power and acceleration.”

    This is something that I like to hear.

    Also, now it’s the moment for both Luca and Rovella to grab it by the neck ‼️

    C’mon Lazio

  2. Ciao Lazio fans e tifosi,

    I think so far Tudor has done a very good job at turning around Lazio’s form & will be interesting to see how they perform in the next season.

    Sarri, unfortunately for me either ran out of ideas or the passion for coaching, this was evident in how much he complained especially about the timetable, it was sad to see but I think he was done a few months into the campaign, he should of stepped aside much earlier but I wish him well.

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