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The week of June 17-23 in Lazio history is characterized by Lazio-Vicenza and Giuliano Fiorini’s goal seven minutes from full-time.

Matches of the Week

Date: Sunday, June 18, 1989
Venue: Stadio Flaminio, Rome
Fixture: Lazio Samp 1-0
Dezotti comes good and scores a crucial goal towards avoiding the drop.

Date: Sunday, June 18, 1972
Venue: Stadio della Vittoria, Bari
Fixture: Bari Lazio 0-0
Lazio collect the necessary points and return to Serie A after just one season.

Date: Sunday, June 19, 1988
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Lazio Taranto 3-1
Lazio beat Taranto and after three years go back to Serie A.

Date: Saturday, June 21, 1958
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Roma Lazio 2-3, Coppa Italia
A thrilling game rewards the Biancocelesti who edge nearer to qualification to the Coppa Italia quarterfinals.

Date: Sunday, June 22, 1969
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Lazio Reggiana 1-1
The Biancocelesti collect a point and win the Serie B.

Match In Focus

Date: Sunday, June 21, 1987
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Fixture: Lazio Vicenza 1-0

There were seven minutes to go and Lazio were virtually in Serie C.

The Biancocelesti had been given an unjust nine-point docking at the beginning of the season all due to a vague reply on the phone from Claudio Vinazzani. He had arrived in 1983 after many years at Napoli and when asked by a friend whether he wanted to “arrange” a couple of wins for Lazio his answer was non-committal. Nothing else happened, but the club were de facto relegated because of this. An overzealous journalist then spilt the beans before it was official and the punishment was changed to a -9 start in the following season. One must remember that at the time there were still only two points for victory.

Manager Eugenio Fascetti had told the players “This is the situation. You can leave, and it would be perfectly normal if you did, or stay and fight. Decide”. All the players stayed.

Lazio did so well that at one point they were closer to the promotion race than the relegation battle, but in the second half of the season, the stress took its toll and the team started to lose ground. With one match to go Cagliari were already in Serie C, Lazio and Taranto were on 31 points, and Campobasso, Sambenedettese, Vicenza and Catania on 32. Last games of the season Bari-Sambenedettese, Messina-Campobasso, Taranto-Genoa, Cesena-Catania, Lazio-Vicenza.

Even a win may not be enough.

With Lazio in Serie C, would the new ownership of the club continue, or would they throw in the towel? Probably the latter.

The game meant life or death for Lazio and the fans filled the Stadio Olimpico a long time before kick-off. When the players came out two hours before the start, they could not believe their eyes. The Olimpico was packed. Everybody had brought a flag or a scarf and the Stadium was all white and light blue.

The Biancocelesti played their best game of the season creating numerous chances, but Vicenza goalkeeper Ennio Dal Bianco played the match of his life and saved everything, even the air. With seven minutes to go, it was still 0-0. Then the Gods who support Lazio did their magic.

In the 83rd minute, Antonio Acerbis with a throw-in, ball to Fabio Poli back to Acerbis, cross into the box cleared by the defence. Vincenzo Esposito to Gabriele Podavini on the right who tried the 200th shot of the day. He miskicked it and it became a low cross. Giuliano Fiorini got the ball, spun around and shot. Goallllllllllll!!!!!!!!

Delirium!!! Tears of relief, some fans literally felt ill and collapsed. Medics were called. Legend has it that people on the nearby bridge over the Tiber felt the earth shake. Neutral commentators suddenly became hardcore fans and burst into tears. Vicenza did not have anything left and the game finished 1-0 for Lazio.

Final verdict: Vicenza, Catania and Cagliari in Serie C, Lazio, Campobasso and Taranto to a playoff. It was not over yet.

In Memory: Augusto Faccani

Augusto Faccani was born on May 31, 1891, in Rome. On his first day for Lazio in 1908, the Biancocelesti won three games in one day!!!.

He was an excellent defensive midfielder and sometimes played in defence. A great sportsman, he was good at all sports: swimming, fencing, water polo and javelin. He played so well in the 1919-21 period that even the Northern Italian press wanted him to play for Italy. With Lazio he won everything he could have won at the local level and participated in the National Finals in 1912-13, 1913-14 and 1922-23, losing all three.

He died in unfortunate circumstances on June 17, 1944, run over by a US military truck while crossing the road.

Birthdays This Week

  • Claudio Lopez, 17-6-1974, forward, Argentina, 144 appearances, 40 goals (2000-04)
  • Fabrizio Di Mauro, 18-6, 1965, midfielder, Italy, 25 appearances, 2 goals (1993-94)
  • Adelmo Eufemi, 18-6-1935, defender, Italy, 132 appearances (1954-62)
  • Alejandro Demaria, 19-6-1904, forward, Brazil, 103 appearances, 29 goals (1931-35)
  • Norbert Hofling, 20-6-1924, forward, Romania, 73 appearances, 25 goals (1948-51)
  • Guido Onor, 20-6-1948, defender, Italy, 15 appearances (1968-69)
  • Franco Cordova, 21-6-1944, midfielder, Italy, 107 appearances, 3 goals (1976-78)

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