The Laziali (formerly Lazio Blog EN) was founded by Sam Wilson and Steven Moore in 2018 as a response to a lack of high-quality online content about S.S. Lazio in the English language.

As two undergraduates, Sam currently studies English Literature at the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, United Kingdom) while Steven has taken another route, pursuing Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada), showing the diverse qualities and attributes of these two individuals. Displaying a large passion for football and the surrounding community of fans and supporters, this lead to Sam and Steven meeting over Twitter kick-starting the new venture. The desire to share this passion was commenced firstly by the initiation of Lazio Blog EN, shortly after followed by The Laziali, as after a successful launch both realized how much want and potential for improvement there was in this industry, and how prominent and opportunistic this project could turn out to be.

The goal of this website is to produce content that is distinct, original and diverse to viewers such as:

In-Depth Tactical Analysis;

Match Previews (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa, Europa League, Champions League);

Match Reviews (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa, Europa League, Champions League);

Transfer News and Rumours;

The Scout (scouting reports on potential transfers); 

Player Profiles (Current Lazio players);

Legend Profiles (Retired Lazio players);

Historical News;

Italian Football News.

The Laziali team now consists of 20+ members, with locations spread all across the globe.