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Europa League Group H: The ‘Group Of Death’?

After a bittersweet finish to the 2017/18 season for Lazio, this season’s Europa League looked like another way for Lazio to redeem themselves and find another way into the Champions League. However, after they were put into what some might call the group of death,

Alessandro Murgia

Alessandro Murgia: Lazio’s future star?

What a season it was for Lazio in 2017/18, as we have seen the rise of many talented players like Ciro Immobile (who did make a name for himself in the 2016/17 season but really made headlines this season), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, etc. However not many people mention

Post Match Report: Crotone vs Lazio

  One of the most emotional weekends in football across all leagues as relegation, Champions League and Europa League spots are all being decided. Most leagues have confirmed these spots however when it comes to the Serie A TIM  it seems that it is coming down

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