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Alessandro Nesta, @snhw_

Legend Profile: Alessandro Nesta

  Introduction One of the greatest defenders of all time and one of the best to ever wear a biancoceleste jersey, this legend profile will be exploring the career of the one and only Alessandro Nesta. Born and bred a Laziale from the age of

Juve, ultimatum to Lazio’s Simone Inzaghi

For the succession of Wenger to Arsenal, the names and the alternatives rained down. As reported by Repubblica, in England they have identified the Juventus coach, a fresh winner of the Coppa Italia, as the ideal profile for a new round, with a millionaire budget

Non-Italian Lazio Players

Top 10 Non-Italian Lazio Players Of All Time

Introduction to the Top 10 Non-Italian Lazio Players From Wilson and Chinaglia in the 70’s, to Nesta and Signori in the 90’s; Lazio has had some world-class Italians over the years. This list, however, counts down the ten best Lazio players who are from countries outside