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The Calcioland Podcast

Lazio & The Calcioland Podcast

The Calcioland Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the Serie A TIM, transfer news for all football leagues, pop culture, and journalism. In Episode 221, The Laziali Founder Steven K. Moore joins producer David Amoyal to discuss Lazio. His fourth appearance, starting at the time of 21:54, below

Nesta Anonymous – Nicolò Armini

Since Alessandro Nesta had to leave Lazio for Milan due to financial problems in Sergio Cragnotti’s days, laziali has grieved and longed for their lost son. We want, we need a new hope. A new Alessandro Skywalker. At late many Lazio fans have dreamt of

Lazio vs Atalanta

Lazio vs Atalanta: Tactical Analysis

The faceoff between Atalanta and Lazio was between two teams that really understand each other’s strengths and styles. Each of the two sides hoped to rank first on Coppa Italia’s list of top teams for the season, however, Simone Inzaghi’s side came out on top.