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Maurizio Schillaci. Source: Cittaceleste

‘Fuorigioco’: the unknown Schillaci

  Many individuals carry beautiful memories from the World Cup of 1990 in Italy. You all surely remember the goal sensation Salvatore Schillaci that came onto the field from the bench and created magic for Italy. You can visualize Schillaci’s crazy looking eyes when he scored


2013 Coppa Italia winning squad: where are they now?

  Lazio’s recent history is not as illustrious as it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but their Coppa Italia victory in 2013 might be just as historic as their Scudetto in 2000. Then manager VladimirPetkovic led the Aquile to victory against Siena,

Lazio Scudetto Champions of the 1914:15 Season? Source- Ultim'ora News

Lazio: Raiders of the Lost Scudetto

  If you did not know, Lazio holds two Scudetti from the 1974 and 2000 seasons. The first was received when Mister Tommaso Maestrelli led the forces of “Banda Maestrelli” with Giorgio Chinaglia, Pino Wilson and Re Cecconi; Then came Sven-Göran Eriksson’s last gasp scudetto win after Alessandro Calori

Vincenzo Paparelli: Death in the Terrace

October 28th 1979 was a gloomy fall day by all accounts. A leaden grey sky threatened rain. It was also derby day in Rome. The Capital derby is one of the most passionately felt and hotly contested in the world, certainly the most volatile in

sven-goran eriksson

The Lazio Class of 99’/00′: Where Are They Now?

  Perhaps you could talk about a “manager boom” from the scudetto winning Lazio class of the 99’/00′ season. It is widely known that Swedish coach Sven-Göran Eriksson of Lazio from 1997 to 2001 did not have too much to do with the tactics or the

Lazio Trophy Cabinet: A Look at Lazio’s Silverware

INTRODUCTION TO LAZIO TROPHY CABINET When you think of winning trophies, you don’t usually think of Lazio. You would probably think of the teams like Juventus, Milan or Inter. Lazio is certainly not a team you would support for the glory, but although we don’t

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Lazio History, A True ‘Laziale’

Lazio History Società Sportiva Lazio was founded the 9th of January in 1900, first as Società Podistica Lazio. They played in the first ever organized Serie A league created in 1929 being led by Silvio Piola – legendary Italian striker, all-time leading goalscorer for Lazio (149 goals) and the highest goalscorer