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Stefano Mauri, Source-

Legend Profile: Stefano Mauri

Stefano Mauri: Career Overview Stefano Mauri was born on the 8th of January 1980, in the town of Monza, Italy. The Italian’s career began at the age of 16 with his local club, Brugherio. In 1998, he moved to Serie C2/Serie D side Meda, where he

Giorgio Chinaglia

Legend Profile: Giorgio Chinaglia

A story recently emerged concerning Ivanka Trump stopping in at a Trattoria in Rome while on a recent presidential visit to the Vatican. On seeing a picture of a man wearing a sky blue shirt, hands outstretched, face turned upwards in a posture of supplication

The Lazio Trophy Cabinet

Introduction When one thinks of winning trophies in Italy, one does not usually think of Lazio; one would probably think of the football clubs Juventus, Milan or Inter. However, although the club does not have a trophy cabinet quite like the aforementioned clubs, the Roman

Miroslav Klose

Legend Profile: Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose: Career Overview Miroslav Klose was born on 9 June 1978, in the medieval city of Opole, Poland. His father, Josef Klose, had played professional football for Odra Opole, whilst his mother, Barbara Jeż, was a part of the Polish women’s handball team. The

Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

The History of Società Sportiva Lazio

Società Sportiva Lazio: History Società Sportiva Lazio, simply referred to as S.S. Lazio, was founded on the 9th of January in 1900, first as Società Podistica Lazio. Also known as the Biancocelesti, the club played in the first ever organized Serie A league – created

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