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Lazio vs Frosinone September 2, 2018 (Designed by @fbngcj)

Lazio 1 vs Frosinone 0: Post Match Review

@S_K_MOORE Below are the match ratings for Lazio from Sunday’s clash against Frosinone – a match that saw the Biancocelesti defeat the Giallazzurri at the Stadio Olimpico by a score of 1-0. There were chances-galore for Lazio, with beautiful build-up plays, but the team lacked

Juventus vs Lazio

Juventus 2 vs Lazio 0: Post Match Review

@S_K_MOORE Below are the match ratings for the club of Lazio from Saturday’s clash against Juventus – a match that saw the bianconeri defeat the biancocelesti at the Allianz by a score of 2-0.   @fbngcj Against Juventus, Lazio had a phenomenal start and fought

Lazio 1 vs Napoli 2: post match review and analysis

@BiagioAversano, The 2018/19 Serie A season kicked off with a tight match between Chievo Verona and Juventus [2-3], followed by a clash between Lazio and Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico. Lazio, coming off a decent but underwhelming pre-season run, after losses to Arsenal and Borussia


Full Match Transcript: Lazio-Triestina

  0’ Start of match: Lazio seem to be playing quickly right off the bat 1’ Berisha makes good pass to Luis Alberto on left-wing, who crosses it in beautifully to Rossi, Rossi shoots on-target but Triestina keeper makes a great save 1.5’ Wallace stops

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