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Simone Palombi of Lazio, Source- IlGiornaleDiSalerno

Palombi: “I am forged by the biancoceleste colours”

A heartfelt story from the Lazio ranks is the story of Simone Palombi, the former Primavera striker of the biancoceleste. After a 6-month tenure in the first team, experienced at the beginning of last year, and the subsequent loan to Salernitana in the Serie B,


Caicedo: “This year I feel more like a second striker”

Lazio continues with their projects with the schools of Rome; the sporting values of the biancocelesti made available to children represent one of the most exemplary initiatives of the Capitoline society. At the end of yesterday’s event, at the Istituto Comprensivo Artemisia Gentileschi, Felipe Caicedo