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    Sam Wilson

    Hi Everyone!

    This is just an example post to get things going; so feel free to contribute to this or make your own thread on other topics!

    What we are interested to know is what are your expectations for the 2019/20 season?

    With Inter, Juventus, Roma and Milan all undergoing huge changes off the field, is there room for us to maybe surprise a few and qualify for the Champions League – in a similar way to how Atalanta did in the season just gone?

    Personally, I feel as though with the right mercato this summer, we could mount a serious challenge – and would not be surprised at all if we performed better in the Europa League than we did this time round.

    What do you think?

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    Top 8 would be great success.

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    I don’t think top 8 is a great success at all, in fact I regard 7th/8th as pretty disastrous!
    As you say, with Milan in a state of flux, Roma in a mess and looking to sell…..4th place is there for the taking.
    I think Juve, Napoli and Inter will continue to be to strong.
    In terms of the Europa League, I have mixed feelings….having a long run is enjoyable but the flip side is we cannot possibly win it and it just stretches our resources to thinly.

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    undici leoni

    I’d say we have to be looking to grab 4th.

    Top three in my mind is already confirmed.

    Minimum expectation is to finish above Merda.

    I’d like to see more cup success – I enjoy the Europa league but it adds a lot of games to a thin squad.

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    I think Champions League qualification should always be the ambition. Huge changes are happening at other clubs including Merda, so with the consistency of Lazio’s squad and management team, the club should really try and press on. Who knows what will happen with Juventus this year, after Allegri leaving? I think it could be a season of surprise and intrigue for sure.

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    Juve is still the team to beat, Napoli & Inter are the ones right behind them. And we’re behind those 3 so TOP 4 is what I expect for Serie A, plus another Coppa Italia championship (also Super Coppa) and of course, Europa League. We’ve already had Cup Winners Cup & UEFA Super Cup so adding one more European level trophy will be icing on the cake.
    PS: Milan & Roma? Their internal chaos will drive them away from glories.

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    One more thing, for the last few years, calcio fans & critics mainly focus on Juve, Napoli, Milan, Inter & Roma mercato, while we’ve always been beyond their radar which to me, is a plus coz being “the underdog” gives us nothing to lose, to fear anything.
    We’ve won Coppa Italia 3 times in a decade, a big success imo while stronger teams (on paper) like Milan & Inter came empty handed.

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    Main goal must be 4th place just like in recent years. Minimum goal has to be UEL finish which is usually 6th or 7th place depending on the Coppa winner.

    The great Coppa title saved our shaky Serie A performance. Anytime we played well and seemed to establish a nice run, we lost valuable points against lesser opponents in the following weeks. This can’t happen again if we want a top 4 finish. We need more consistency in the defense and more efficiency with clearcut chances. Missed way too many easy ones. In recent years a top 4 finish would’ve been fairly easy to achieve as our rivals were all struggling. I fully expect Juve, Napoli and Inter to be at the top. But 1927 and Milan are going through big changes while Atalanta has to deal with the burden of CL. So I fully expect us to be in the 4th place race again. We just have to avoid said mistakes from the last couple of years.

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    I expect to at least advance past the group stage of the Europa League. But because who you draw in the following rounds is impossible to predict right now I can’t expect anything more there. I think we should be shooting for top 4 in the league but I expect at least top 6. I expect we should at least get to the semi final of the coppa.
    If we sell Sergej, and then depending on who we buy to replace him, or if some key players get injured before the season starts, my expectations may change. idk

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