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    Am really concerned about the defensive strategy we are using..the 3 back has really opened us to concede more goals. We have lukaku and durmisi… we can play 4 back and allow the wing backs to help the attack…lukaku is really strong and fast and his really good at crossing. Is time we use him for what we bout him for as well as durmisi.
    Some of d players are really old and would need to make way for the young ones. I have seen djavan anderson play for d selentina and I can say he has also really improved. We have to change the 3 back formation coz all the best teams in the world never play 3 defenders coz they know it opens them up for more attacks and goals…what y’all think?

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    Strategy doesn’t really matter. You can be solid with both 3 or 4 at the back. I don’t see tactical issues for the most part. It’s about quality and consistency. Acerbi is our only legit defender to challenge for top 4. Maybe Acerbi could’ve formed a decent defense with Radu and Ramos, but both are far too injury-prone. Can’t expect consistency when you have to shuffle the defense every other week. We haven’t managed to build any kind of defensive chemistry in recent years. Hence once Bastos got a fair amount of games as a starter, he suddenly looked much more comfortable. Currently I regard him over Radu and Ramos in the pecking order. Wallace will be gone soon and I’m very optimistic about his replacement Vavro. His profile looks the part. Hopefully he adapts to Serie A quickly.

    A left-footed CB should be our next target. Especially if Inzaghi sticks with 3-5-2 as his main system. Hinteregger will be hard to achieve but would be exactly what we need. Imagine a defense of Vavro – Acerbi – Hinteregger shielded by Leiva. That’s easily a top 4 defense in Serie A and finally a defense that would match our aspirations.

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    a back 3 seems like a bad idea when any of the 3 defenders isn’t an amazing world class player. A lot depends on who your wing backs are and who you have playing defensive mid too. If you have 3 strong defenders with 2 fast and defensively well-trained wing backs you get a back five that can be a very strong defense with dangerous counter attacking ability. I think what makes the 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 or any back 3 formation rare is simply because most teams don’t have the level of player combined with the necessary level of organization and tactical understanding (i.e. knowing where to be and when as well as being fast and strong enough to do it). A back 4 with attacking full-backs is just as defensively dangerous because you can get caught out just as easily.
    I think with the right players, Inzaghi’s 3-5-1-1 can work brilliantly. Having Lazzari and Vavro are a step in the right direction, but amazing world class players that will fit in that system perfectly are hard to come by.

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