Lazio Supporter Guide

Looking to cheer on S.S. Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico? Below is an extensive supporter guide that will allow you to have a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free experience!

Purchasing S.S. Lazio Tickets…

Tickets for Lazio matches can only be purchased on Vivaticket, following registration.

The tickets for each match become available a week before the respective match – you are not able to purchase tickets for a match in advance.

Note that you will be unable to purchase tickets for the Curva Nord or Distinti Nord sections as they are sold out for Serie A this 2023-24 season.

Make sure to print your tickets or have them available on your mobile device to be scanned at the gates. Also, make sure to bring a piece of identification (passport, driver’s license, id card, etc.).

Vittorio Campanile of Lazio Lounge describes the entire ticket purchasing situation here.

Deciding Where to Sit at the Stadio Olimpico…

Map of the Stadio Olimpico

Curva Nord

Although you will not be able to sit to watch the game – as everyone will stand in their seats and wave flags – this is where one can experience the best atmosphere. If you want to be in the place that you booked, you must be there in advance, as most of the supporters will not be in their assigned spots.

  • The Laziali would not recommend taking children or elders to the Curva Nord.

Distinti Nord Ovest & Distinti Nord Est

These are the sections to the left and right of the Curva Nord. It is not as crazy as the aforementioned section but it still has a great atmosphere.

  • The Laziali would recommend purchasing a ticket in this section when you are travelling with others who are not dedicated fans of Lazio and/or not as knowledgeable or passionate about the club.

Tribuna Tevere Sections & Monte Mario Sections

These are the sections that provide the best view for a fixture. Seats in Tribuna Tevere are less expensive than the ones in Monte Mario.

  • The Laziali would recommend purchasing a seat near the halfway line (Tribuna Tevere Centrale or Monte Mario Centrale) to obtain a proper view of the entire stadium.

How to Get to the Stadio Olimpico…

Listed in the picture below are all of the possible methods of transportation (car, bus, tram, subway) to get to and from the Stadio Olimpico.

Methods of Transportation to the Stadio Olimpico

Below are the directions from the Piazza Mancini Bus Terminal to the Stadio Olimpico:

Piazza Mancini Bus Terminal to Stadio Olimpico

Below are the directions from Piazzale Ponte Milvio to the Stadio Olimpico:

Piazzale Ponte Milvio to Stadio Olimpico

Supporter Guide: Meeting Laziali (Locations)

Ponte Milvio: A bridge over the Tiber River in Rome.

Piazza della Libertà: In this square in Prati, Rome, on January 9, 1900, a group of nine Roman boys made official Società Podistica Lazio (now known as Polisportiva Società Sportiva Lazio).

Piazza della Farnesina: An area right outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Supporter Guide: Meeting Laziali (Pubs)

Excalibur: There used to be several other Lazio pubs in this very traditional Lazio district, but Excalibur outlasted all of them. It is open for lunch at 12:30 pm and closes at 2:00 pm in the morning from Monday to Saturday, this family-run pub offers a variety of beer selections and food. You will be greeted with ‘Ciao! Forza Lazio!’ by Giada, the sister of the pub owner. Scarves of Lazio and rugby teams hanging proudly on the wall; it is a pub you shouldn’t miss if you are in the Eternal city. Occasionally, you might also bump into some West Ham supporters enjoying a pint or two. Also, a very important landmark for Laziali stands just outside the pub entrance – the mural of Gabriele Sandri. Place some flowers to mark your respect.


Mad For Beer: A cozy neighbourhood pub located outside Rome’s historical centre in Monte Verde, where the oldest Ultra group of Lazio, CML’74 is based. Massimiliano, a massive Oasis and Lazio fan, is the owner of the pub. He is a very kind and fantastic lad who speaks fluent English and will make you feel at ease regardless of who you are. It can feel awkward for a foreigner to step into a pub filled with locals but not here in Mad For Beer. As long as you are a Laziale, they welcome you with open arms. They seem to have so many rare beers that most have never seen or heard of; Massimiliano is kind enough to run through every single draft beer. Try the delicious chicken nuggets or if you are in the mood for tea, they serve great Chamomile as well. If you are looking for a place to chill and complete your Lazio experience, drop by Mad For Beer.

Mad for Beer

Roma Beer Company: Neither a Lazio nor Roma pub but situating in Piazzale Ponte Milvio itself, come match day, this place is super packed with Laziali. Drop by four or five hours before kick-off to have some cold beer and watch the crowd clad in Biancoceleste colours pour in. The beautiful scenes of Lazio fans singing, lighting up flares, hurling smoke bombs and waving huge flags are simply a pleasure. Don’t be surprised if the waitresses switch your glasses to plastic cups, it is a Roman regulation that forbids pubs in Ponte Milvio to serve beer glasses 1-2 hours before kick-off.

Roma Beer Company

Supporter Guide: Meeting Laziali (Restaurants)

Al Grottino del Laziale: Owned by a Laziale and covered in Biancocelesti swag, it is 10-15 minutes away from the Stadio Olimpico by car (40 to 50 minutes on foot).

Al Grottino del Laziale

L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo Roma: This location is right near a bus number 32 stop and is 10-15 minutes away from the Stadio Olimpico by car (40-50 minutes on foot).

L'Osteria di Birra del Borgo Roma

Final Words: Supporter Guide

We hope that this supporter guide has assisted you; make sure to post pictures of your visit to the Stadio Olimpico by using the hashtag #TheLaziali on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

A big thank you to Alasdair, Marc, Aleksandar, JimScott, Fabi, and Nigel for your insight. You can also check out the video guide below, provided by Vittorio Campanile.