Lazio Subreddit

r/Lazio is a subreddit on Reddit – a social news aggregation, web content rating, and news website – for discussion concerning Italian football club S.S. Lazio. Nicknamed I Biancocelesti – for their primary colours of white and light blue – and Le Aquile – for their crest and symbol consisting of an eagle – the Roman side is one of the most decorated in Italy.


Currently, there are three moderators. These are users who have a range of controls for configuring the subreddits they moderate. These three moderators are u/staiano, u/BastianMobile, and u/TheLaziali; reach out to any of these three moderators if you have any questions or concerns.


There are four rules pertaining to the subreddit that each user must follow:

  1. General: please be respectful, civil, and constructive. Do not be rude, aggressive, or hostile.
  2. Posting: please only submit content relevant to S.S. Lazio. Spam, blog memes, rumors, inflammatory, vague, and low-effort posts are not allowed or welcomed.
  3. Commenting: the use of explicit, obscene, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or vulgar language towards others is not accepted.
  4. Other: follow Reddiquette and the sub-culture, participate in the discussions, and do not downvote fair comments and content.