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Walter Mattioli, Source- tuttobolognaweb.it

Mattioli: “I hope that Lazio allows us to keep Murgia”

A season of value and recognition for Lazio owned Alessandro Murgia. Arriving in Ferrara in January to play with SPAL, the 1996 born midfielder played a substantial part in the club acquiring salvation this season. Impressing the management of the club, specifically manager Leonardo Semplici

Murgia SPAL, Source: Spaziocalcio

SPAL considers the renewal of Murgia loan: the latest

As reported by La Nuova Ferrara, the performances from Lazio midfielder Alessandro Murgia at SPAL are said to be convincing the management of Gli Estensi to renew his loan with the club. Joining this past January in search of more playing time, the 1996 born Italian