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Felipe Caicedo

How do you solve a problem like Felipe Caicedo?

Lazio’s 2-0 loss to Arsenal in their first international pre-season match is anything but a tragedy. The English side are ahead in conditioning on account of the Premier League’s earlier start and Lazio fielded a mix of depth players, new acquisitions, and missing notable players


The Eagles have landed in Stockholm

Ahead of tonight’s friendly against Premier League outfit Arsenal, a handful of Swedish Lazio fans went to the airport to welcome the squad and get some photos of the Lazio players when they arrived in Stockhom. Elvir Husic was one of them and he got

Meet up before Lazio vs Arsenal in Stockholm!

Are you in Stockholm for the friendly game of Lazio vs Arsenal next Saturday and are interested in meeting other Lazio fans? Look no further!  A group of Swedish Lazio fans will meet up before the Lazio vs Arsenal game for a few beers and

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