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Stefano Mauri, Source- dubaisports.ae

Mauri: “Ranieri’s statements are serious…”

Claudio Ranieri, the current manager of Roma, has made some serious allegations towards Lazio, recalling the match played by the Biancocelesti against Inter in 2010. To express his opinion on these comments, was former Laziale Stefano Mauri to Radiosei. I’m not interested in the words of

Arturo Diaconale, Source- Il Populista

Diaconale: “The words of Ranieri are offensive…”

To the microphones of Lazio Style Radio, Arturo Diaconale – the spokesman of Lazio – intervened to comment on the statements posed by Roma manager Claudio Ranieri at a press conference a few days ago. “I believe that the League should intervene on this press